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🔑 Token based authentication service for Angular with interceptor and multi-user support. Works best with the devise token auth gem for Rails.

👋 This library has been renamed to Angular-Token! Please follow the migration guide.

Quick Links


  1. Set up a Rails with Devise Token Auth

  2. Install Angular-Token via NPM with

    npm install angular-token
  3. Import and add AngularTokenModule to your main module and call the 'forRoot' function with the config. Make sure you have HttpClientModule imported too.

    import { AngularTokenModule } from 'angular-token';
        imports: [
        declarations: [ ... ],
        bootstrap:    [ ... ]
  4. (Maybe Optional) Fix injection context runtime error After installing this package, if you get an Error: inject() must be called from an injection context when running your app, add the following to your typescript path config in the tsconfig[.app].json file:

    "paths": {
      "@angular/*": [ "./node_modules/@angular/*" ]


  1. Register your user

    constructor(private tokenService: AngularTokenService) { }
        login:                '[email protected]',
        password:             'secretPassword',
        passwordConfirmation: 'secretPassword'
        res =>      console.log(res),
        error =>    console.log(error)
  2. Sign in your user

    constructor(private tokenService: AngularTokenService) { }
        login:    '[email protected]',
        password: 'secretPassword'
        res =>      console.log(res),
        error =>    console.log(error)
  3. Now you can use HttpClient to access private resources

    constructor(http: HttpClient) { }
        res =>      console.log(res),
        error =>    console.log(error)


Jan-Philipp Riethmacher

Arjen Brandenburgh


The MIT License (see the LICENSE file for the full text)

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