Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Smart Inspector

Tabbed Inspector

Peek multiple components without scrolling or expanding. Supports Gizmos!

Rich Customization

Fluent Injection API

Customization without limits, using fluent UITK API, instant injection and must-have helpers!

image (4)

Snappy Tooltip

Compact UnityEvents

Collapsing and Reordering by default.

Improved Dragging

Larger drop area, so you don't have to precisely aim at 2 pixels between headers.


Supported Unity versions?
From Unity 2019.4 up to 2021.2!

How to install?
Clone and install as local package Be up-to-date with repo, freely modify a package
Via OpenUPM / Package Installer Auto-install and add scoped registry, providing verified Releases to UPM
Using Git URL Not recommended - no updates, no version control


discord online

Cool work-in-progress stuff is shared on our channel!

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Consider Sponsoring!

My work is donation-driven, which makes it open for anyone to use, in any project!

ko-fi patreon

For a pledge of 7~15$, you'll receive a special Discord role, with my personal token of appreciation

Prefer Ko-Fi, it takes 0% donation fee and has no payout delay!

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