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= Neo4j Streaming Data Integrations :docs:


This project integrates Neo4j with streaming data solutions.

Currently it provides an integration with Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform.

The project contains these components:

== Neo4j Kafka Connect Plugin

A[Kafka Connect Sink plugin] that allows to ingest events from Kafka to Neo4j via templated Cypher statements. (link:{docs}#_kafka_connect_sink_plugin[docs],[article])


== Neo4j Server Extension

  • Source: a Change-Data-Capture (CDC) implementation sends change data to Kafka topics (link:{docs}#_neo4j_streams_source[docs])
  • Sink: a Neo4j extension that ingest data from Kafka topics into Neo4j via templated Cypher statements (link:{docs}#_neo4j_streams_sink[docs])
  • Neo4j Streams Procedures (Read & Write): Procedures to write to and read from topics interactively/programmatically (link:{docs}#_procedures[docs])

== Documentation & Articles


Here are articles, introducing the[Neo4j Extension] and the[Kafka Connect Plugin].

And practical applications of the extension for[Building Data Pipelines with Kafka, Spark, Neo4j & Zeppelin] ([part 2]).

And for exchanging results of[Neo4j Graph Algorithms within a Neo4j Cluster].

== Feedback & Suggestions

Please raise[issues on GitHub], we also love contributions, so don't be shy to send a Pull Request.

We would also love you to[**fill out our survey**] to learn more about your Kafka + Neo4j use-cases and deployments.

== Installation Server Extension

You can run/test the extension link:{docs}#docker[locally with Docker], or install it manually into your existing Neo4j server.

  1. Download the jar-file from the[latest release]
  2. Copy neo4j-streams-<VERSION>.jar into $NEO4J_HOME/plugins
  3. Update $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neo4j.conf with the necessary configuration.
  4. Restart Neo4j

== Development & Contributions

==== Build locally

mvn clean install

You'll find the build artifact in <project_dir>/target/neo4j-streams-<VERSION>.jar

Testing the link:{docs}#_docker_compose_file[Kafka Connect Plugin locally with Docker].

==== License

Neo4j Streams is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0. See LICENSE for more details.

//// == Documentation Links

=== Kafka Connect Plugin

link:doc/asciidoc/kafka-connect/index.adoc[Kafka Connect Plugin]

=== Streams Producer



=== Streams Consumer


=== Streams Procedures


=== Docker



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