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I really like to configure my system in every possible way. This repository holds how I do it. If you are just starting out you could use mine (I don't care or mind, see LICENSE) but for your own sake read them. You will not get the most out of it without.

Start by reading my Neovim configuration. It follows a literate configuration where it's documentation is the configuration files it selves. I write them using markdown and Neovim will interpret only the code blocks.


🚀 Installing

I follow a very modular approach. If you don't want something you can just remove it's folder. Imagine you don't want Neovim. You can just delete nvim folder. It's that simple.

Start by cloning my dotfiles into ~/.dotfiles. You should do the same with my spells repository. Some scripts needed are there.

git clone ~/.dotfiles
git clone   ~/.spells

Depending on your Linux distribution you should change the accordingly.

cd ~/.dotfiles
make install

💣 Uninstalling

cd ~/.dotfiles
make uninstall
cd ~
rm -rf ~/.dotfiles
rm -rf ~/.spells

⚠️ Disclaimer

As you probably know, you shouldn't just run my Makefile without reading it first. And if you read it, you will understand that it calls other scripts like which depend on Read those, it's the only way that you can trust what it is doing.

📝 License

This repository is licensed under the WTFNMFPL.

Use your tools well or use better tools.

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