Unopinionated utilities for resizeable split views
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Masonry15,4771,9991862 years ago13July 04, 201850HTML
:love_hotel: Cascading grid layout plugin
Dashboards10,892212 years ago4April 08, 20192mitHTML
Responsive dashboard templates 📊✨
Muuri10,3632218a month ago22July 09, 2021100mitJavaScript
Infinite responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable layouts
Rebass7,8907442824 months ago109October 28, 201996mitJavaScript
:atom_symbol: React primitive UI components built with styled-system.
Vue Grid Layout6,317104154a month ago42August 03, 2022223mitJavaScript
A draggable and resizable grid layout, for Vue.js.
Flex Layout5,9175,089934a month ago41June 30, 202250mitTypeScript
Provides HTML UI layout for Angular applications; using Flexbox and a Responsive API
Split5,6302481323 months ago43January 07, 2022158mitJavaScript
Unopinionated utilities for resizeable split views
Twoway View5,299
896 years ago5October 30, 2014168Java
[DEPRECATED] RecyclerView made simple
2 months ago39mitVue
🧮 Generate basic CSS Grid code to make dynamic layouts!
Awesome Styled Components3,149
3 months ago9
A curated list of awesome styled-components resources 💅
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Unopinionated utilities for resizeable split views.

  • Zero Deps
  • Tiny: Each is between 1-2kb gzipped.
  • Fast: No overhead or attached window event listeners, uses pure CSS for resizing.
  • Unopinionated: Only compute view sizes. Everything else is up to you.

Two utilities:

  • Split.js - The original library, maintained since 2014, works with float and flex layouts. Supports all browsers.
  • Split Grid - Successor to Split.js, for grid layouts. Supports modern browsers.

Two React wrappers:



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