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Nezha Monitoring: Self-hosted, lightweight server and website monitoring and O&M tool.

Supports monitoring system status, HTTP (SSL certificate change, upcoming expiration, expired), TCP, Ping and supports raising alerts, execute scheduled tasks and web terminal.

>> Telegram Group: Nezha Monitoring Global (English Only), 哪吒监控(中文群组)

>> Use Cases | 我们的用户 (Google)

User Guide


Default Theme DayNight @JackieSung hotaru
Default Theme
Default modified [Guide]
Neko Mdui @MikoyChinese
默认主题魔改 Neko Mdui

Supported Languages

  • English
  • 简体中文
  • Español

You can change the dashboard language in the settings page (/setting) after the dashboard is installed.

Special Thanks

  • @JackieSung for our first community-contributed front-end theme.
  • @Erope for contributed a lot to our installation scripts and community building.
  • @MikoyChinese for our second community-contributed front-end theme.
  • @AkkiaS7 and @hhhkkk520 for the excellent contribution in the early days of globalization.
  • @dysf888 for the installation script in Windows.
  • @MartijnLindeman for his perseverance has taken us to the international market.
  • and other contributors.
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