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There are a number of new hackers joining the community on a regular basis and more than often the first thing they ask is "How do I get started and what are some good resources?". As a hacker, there a ton of techniques, terminologies, and topics you need to familiarize yourself with to understand how an application works. Sera Brocious (@daeken), @0xAshFox, and I put these resources together in order to help new hackers with resources to learn the basics of Web Application Security.

We understand that there are more resources other than the ones we have listed and we hope to cover more resources in the near future!

If you are interested in learning about top bug bounty hunters in the community check out my Live Recon VODs.

NahamSec's Resource:

I have also put together my own resource:

Table of Contents

If you have more questions or suggestions, check out NahamSec's Discord!

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