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Nacos Sync



  • Console: provide API and console for management
  • Worker: provider the service registration synchronization.


Architecture Topology

     +----> |NacosClusterA|
     |      +-------------+               +-------------+
     |                                    |NacosClusterB|
Pull |                                    +--+----------+
Info |      +------------+                   ^
     |      |ZooKeeper   |                   |
     |      +--+---------+                   | Push Info
     |         ^ Pull Info                   |
     |         |                             |
     |        ++-----------------------------+--+
     <--------+  NacosSync1, NacosSync2,....    |
                  |                         |
                  |                         |
                  |                         |
                  |       +---------+       |
                  +-----> |NacosSync| <-----+
                          |Database |

Architecture HighLights

  • All registration information will be stored in NacosSync DB.
  • Multiple NacosSync instances will perform the same job.
    • Multiple NacosSync instances ensure high availability.
    • Multiple NacosSync instances performing the same job ensure the simplicity.
    • NacosCluster target will dedup the synchronization information from Nacos.

Quick Start:

NacosSync Migration User Guide

Support migration type

Source Target Support Note
Nacos Nacos Yes Only supports the same version of Nacos migration,especially the version of 0.8 migrates to 1.0 or above.
Nacos Zookeeper Yes Only support registery center of Dubbo
Nacos Consul Yes Only support registery center of Spring Cloud
Nacos Eureka Yes Only support registery center of Spring Cloud
Zookeeper Nacos Yes Only support registery center of Dubbo
Consul Nacos Yes Only support registery center of Spring Cloud
Eureka Nacos Yes Only support registery center of Spring Cloud

Manual Goal

  • Start the NacosSync service
  • Use a simple example to demonstrate how to migrate a Dubbo client registered in the Zookeeper Registry to the Nacos Registry


Before you begin, install the following:

  • 64bit OS: Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows supported, Linux/Unix/Mac recommended.
  • 64bit JDK 1.8+: downloads, JAVA_HOME settings.
  • Maven 3.2.x+: downloads, settings.
  • MySql 5.6.+

Download & Build From Release

There are two ways to get NacosSync.

  • Download run package
  • Download source code from Github

cd nacosSync/
mvn clean package -U

The path to the target file:


After extracting the installation package, the directory structure:

├── bin
│   ├── nacosSync.sql
│   ├──
│   └──
├── conf
│   ├──
│   └── logback-spring.xml
├── logs
└── nacosSync-server.jar

Initialize The DB

The default is Mysql database, which can support other relational databases

  • Build db schema, the default schema name nacos_Sync.
  • Tables do not need to be created separately, which is conducive to hibernate's automatic table creation function.
  • If the automatic table creation fails, you can build the table nacosSync.sql, the table statement is in the bin folder.

DB Configuration

In the bin folder,


Start Server

$ nacosSync/bin:
sh  start

Admin Console

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