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nPM github page. nPM service.

nPM is an open source project management system. methods including:

  • nPMCore - Framework, Database, Web, Service, Mobile, Security.
  • nPMService - Project Management, Gantt Chart, Mind Map
  • nPMMobile - Create iOS, Android, hybrid, and mobile web apps from The Titanium.
  • nPMWeb - nPM web page, Open ID (Facebook)
  • nPMDesign - nPM Web, Mobile icon and photo.

(c) 2012 nPM This code is licensed under GPL 2.0 license (see LICENSE.txt for details)


There are a few different ways you can install nPM:

Getting Started

  • Install nPM


All examples on nPM API

HTML5 Canvas drawing HTML:

<canvas id="canvasId" width="800" height="600"></canvas>
var context = document.getElementById("canvasId").getContext("2d");

HTML5 Canvas drawing JS:

var context = document.getElementById("canvasId").getContext("2d");
// Draw a path
context.moveTo(padding + width/2, padding);        // Top Corner
context.lineTo(padding + width, height + padding); // Bottom Right
context.lineTo(padding, height + padding);         // Bottom Left

// Fill the path
context.fillStyle = "#ffc821";

Database Connection:

mysql jdbc: ""; 
oracle jdbc: "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver";

Titaninum property:

var goUserHome = function(site) {
document.location.href = site;

Mail push service:

using post method
parameter name is "mailAddress"

//For example[email protected]    

alt text

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