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Awesome Open Source

Curating Research Assets with git and R Studio

GitHub repository for a Git tutorial for Psychologists and Behavioral Scientists.

Authors: Matti Vuorre & James P. Curley

Status: Published (preprint here)

The tutorial walks through an example Git repository, which has a remote repository on GitHub, which can be found at

How to contribute

The manuscript is written in R Markdown with the papaja R package. The source file is manuscript/manuscript.Rmd (knit to view resulting PDF.)

References & Citations

References are in references.bib. We manage citations with a combination of Zotero, citr R Studio add-in, and Better Bib(La)Tex. With these, citations are automatically formatted and added from Zotero to the references.bib file.

Other materials on how to use Git(Hub)

Lots of good stuff on the web:

See this repository's commit history with nice FX at

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