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A simple BitWarden client. Requires Go 1.16 or later.

go install[email protected]

The goal is a static and portable client which integrates well with one's system. For example, on Linux it implements the org.freedesktop.secrets D-Bus service.

Note that this tool is still a work in progress.


Log in and sync, providing a password when asked:

export [email protected]
bitw sync

You can then view your secrets:

bitw dump

You can also start the D-Bus service, and use it:

bitw serve
secret-tool lookup name mysecret


These features are not planned at the moment:

  • A graphical interface - use
  • Querying secrets directly - use D-Bus clients like secret-tool
  • Integration with gnome-keyring - they both implement the same D-Bus service

Further reading

Talking to BitWarden:

Integrating with the OS:

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