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This userbot working on properly !

TelegramUserBot ❤️️


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Setting Up Locally 👇🏻

  • Fill in the required fields in ""

  • Install the required libraries with requirements.txt. ( pip3 install -r requirements.txt )

  • And then start the bot. ( python3 -m userbot )

  • If you did it correctly, the bot will run successfully.

Create String Session

Run on

Example Plugin

from  datetime  import  datetime
from userbot import bot
from userbot.util import admin_cmd

async def ping(event):
  start  =
  await  event.edit("Pong!")
  end  =
  ms  = (end  -  start).microseconds  /  1000
  await  event.edit("Pong!\n`{}`".format(ms))

Contact ✍️

If you run into any problems, feel free to let me know. You can contact me using this link.

License ⚠️

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