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[WebExtension] Open GitHub notifications with shortcuts in Gmail.

Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail

A web extension for Chrome and Firefox which adds keyboard shortcuts for opening and muting GitHub notification emails.


Mail View Shortcut

Open your GitHub notifications in mail view:

  • Chrome: shift + g, shift + b in the background
  • Firefox: ctrl + g, ctrl + b in the background

Mail view button

Mute Thread

Mute thread in mail view. It will open a background window to load the mute thread URL, and close itself when done. This only works if you have an active GitHub session.

  • Chrome: shift + h
  • Firefox: ctrl + h

Mute thread button

List View Shortcut

ctrl + return to trigger one the action button when an email is selected using gmail key navigation (when the blue bar appears):

action button in list view




Load the extension manually and modify the code accordingly in these places:

Chrome: chrome/src/inject/inject.js.
Firefox: firefox/src/inject/inject.js.

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