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Database management done right. Connection explorer, query runner, intellisense, bookmarks, query history. Feel like a database hero!

You can read the entire docs in


Some feature provided by SQLTools:

  • Beautifier/Formatter
  • Query runner, history and bookmarks
  • Connection explorer
  • Query generators (INSERT only)

Check out all the features and their documentation here.

Supported Drivers

Official Drivers

Driver Marketplace Package
AWS Redshift AWS Redshift Link packages/
CockroachDB CockroachDB Link packages/
MariaDB MariaDB Link packages/driver.mysql
MSSQL Microsoft SQL Server/Azure Link packages/driver.mssql
MySQL MySQL Link packages/driver.mysql
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Link packages/
SQLite SQLite Link packages/driver.sqlite

I'm looking for maintainers for each driver, if you are interested on maintain/test any driver, please contact me.

Community Drivers:

Driver Marketplace Maintainer and Repository
ClickHouse logo ClickHouse Link @ultram4rine
InterSystems IRIS logo InterSystems IRIS Link @daimor
Snowflake Snowflake Link @koszti

Do you want to add a new driver? We have a tool to help you. See support new drivers guide.

Drivers supported till v0.21.9:

Driver Maintainer
Cassandra @EpicEric
IBM DB2 @snyang
OracleDB @mickeypearce

These drivers are being migrated to be compatible with v0.22 or newer. If you need one of them, you need to install v0.21.9.

Know Driver Issues

  • Unable to connect with "Drivers XXXX is not installed"? Check this issue.


Please read the contributing guide here.

Join all these amazing contributors❤️ on this journey.

Donate and Support

SQLTools was developed with ♥ to save us time during our programming journey.

SQLTools will save you (for sure) a lot of time and help you to increase your productivity so, please consider a donation or become a supporter and help SQLTools to become more awesome than ever.

Patreon Paypal Donate

You can also fund specific issues via Issuehunt. That can boost the development of a feature you need and make it more attractive for contributors.



See changelog here


Please provide feedback through the GitHub Issue system.

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