Shell script for updating the Plex Media Server inside the FreeNAS Plex plugin
Alternatives To Pms_updater
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Armbian Linux configuration utility
2 years ago31mitShell
Shell script for updating the Plex Media Server inside the FreeNAS Plex plugin
Alternatives To Pms_updater
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PMS_Updater is a shell script for updating the Plex Media Server inside the FreeNAS/TrueNAS Plex plugin.

This script will search the download site for a download link and if it is newer than the currently installed version the script will download and optionaly install the new version.


Download the script in your jail:



Run the script as root. The following options can be used:

   -l      Local file to install instead of latest from
   -d      download folder (default /tmp) Ignored if -l is used
   -a      Auto Update to newer version
   -f      Force Update even if version is not newer
   -r      Remove update packages older than current version
             Done before any update actions are taken.
   -v      Verbose

The script will auto determine if you installed plexpass or the normal version. It will authenticate using your servers authentication token, thus no more login/password required.

The script can also be called from a cronjob to check for updates on a regular schedule.


Python temporarily broke in some Plex version, probably in If you happen to be on this release, or any other that broke python, you can manually download the next release and update:

cd /tmp
fetch -l /tmp/PlexMediaServer-


Thanks to @sretalla at the FreeNAS/TrueNAS forums for all the help provided.

TrueNAS (previously FreeNAS) is an excellent open-source network attached storage project based on FreeBSD that is very capable of storing even the largest media libraries

Plex is an amazing media server/client platform that can organize and stream those same media libraries.

TrueNAS (previously FreeNAS) has a plug-in architecture that makes running Plex Media Server on TrueNAS (previously FreeNAS) trivialy easy. But the available Plex Media Server plug-in is only as recent as the latest publicly available release.

To address this I have made a script that can be copied into a running Plex Media Server plug-in, and without needing anything else installed it can search the download site using paid PlexPass credentials and check for newer versions. If a newer version is found it can either be downloaded and held for admin approval or automatically installed to the server.

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