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this is the old readme, im currently remaking the project

This is an app that gathers movies and shows data from the PopcornTime api, generating a list of movies and shows for the selected genre. It connects to your pc through sockets using the nativeflix-server, creating the possibility to download the torrent provided by the api or stream it to a video player. I used expo because i wanted to test it on ios and android without having a mac. More info here.


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Use the package manager npm to install expo.

npm install --global expo-cli
npm install


Create a config.json file on the root folder of the project, put the local ip of the machine that is running the server and the port of preference (use the same on the server). Just like the example below.
If you don't know how to find the local ip, click here: help

  "ip": "",
  "port": "1337"

Use this to start the app.

expo start


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.



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