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NB: Older Spring Boot and Angular versions are available in branches.
This project is available in Kotlin too. Take a look at this repository.

Spring Boot 2.x and Angular 12.x with HTML 5 router

This project provides an example of an Angular single page application, served by Tomcat, configured with the html5 router. Some endpoints have Spring Webflux integration too.

The SinglePageAppConfig makes the magic here.

The base-href in configured by the ResourceResolver. It's generated from the value of the application's context-path at runtime when served by tomcat.

It's useful if you want to serve an Angular application with the html5 router, and avoid the dashed URL.

This html5 router mode makes pretty URL, but has a default : Refreshing pages (or accessing them directly) will give you a 404 HTTP error if no RewriteRule is provided by the HTTP server that serves the application.

Handling the base-href dynamically can be tricky too. Here it's done once and for all by the ResourceResolver.

This project includes a custom HTTP interceptor. It's useful to show a loader during long HTTP requests for example.

To test the fully built project, run SpringBootAngularHTML5Application after an ./mvnw clean install -Pfront, and point your browser to http://localhost:10000/my-context/path.

If you want to play with the front part, go to the front folder and run yarn start or npm start. HTTP requests will be correctly proxyfied to your backend.

The front-end part has been scaffolded with angular-cli.

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