Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Here are various examples for the Magnum C++11/C++14 graphics engine, demonstrating its features, usage and capabilities.

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  • Linux and embedded Linux
  • Windows, Windows RT (*) (Store/Phone)
  • macOS, iOS (*)
  • Android (*)
  • Web (*) (asm.js or WebAssembly), through Emscripten

* — the ports branch contains additional patches for mobile and web platform support that aren't present in master in order to keep the example code as simple as possible.


Curious about what was added or improved recently? Check out the Changelog page in the documentation.


The building process is similar to Magnum itself. See the building documentation for a comprehensive guide for building, packaging and crosscompiling — we provide packages for many platforms, including Windows, Linux and macOS.


If you want to contribute to Magnum, if you spotted a bug, need a feature or have an awesome idea, you can get a copy of the sources from GitHub and start right away! There is the already mentioned guide about how to download and build Magnum and also a guide about coding style and best practices which you should follow to keep the library as consistent and maintainable as possible.

See also the Magnum Project Contact & Support page for further information.


See the file for details. Big thanks to everyone involved!


While Magnum itself and its documentation are licensed under the MIT/Expat license, all example code is put into public domain (or UNLICENSE) to free you from any legal obstacles when reusing the code in your apps. See the COPYING file for details.

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