Repo Remover

A web app that helps you archive and delete old/unused repos, quickly and easily.
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2 days ago8agpl-3.0Java
⭐️⭐️⭐️ 电商商城 java电商商城系统 PC商城 H5商城 APP商城 Java商城 O2O商城
Renren Fast Vue2,933
3 months ago64mitJavaScript
a day ago11agpl-3.0Vue
🏞️ PicX 是一款基于 GitHub API 开发的图床工具,提供图片上传托管、生成图片链接和常用图片工具箱服务。
Vue Axios Github2,494
3 years ago8mitJavaScript
Vue 全家桶 + axios 前端实现登录拦截、登出、拦截器等功能
5 years ago23February 24, 201826mpl-2.0Vue
A HashiCorp Vault UI written with VueJS and Vault native Go API
Laravel Blog1,588
a month ago3mitPHP
Laravel 9.0 blog application with Hotwire, Homestead, Horizon, Telescope and Pusher
Vue The Mask1,530
a year ago1September 17, 2019129JavaScript
Tiny (<2k gzipped) and dependency free mask input for Vue.js
6 months ago46mpl-2.0Vue
使用GitHub API 搭建一个可动态发布文章的博客
a month ago24November 13, 20212mitTypeScript
Simple zero-dependency input mask for Vue.js and vanilla JS.
2 months ago18Java
:point_right:一个基于spring boot 实现的java股票爬虫(仅支持A股),如果你:heart:请:star: . V2升级版正在开发中!
Alternatives To Repo Remover
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RepoRemover - The fastest way to archive or delete multiple GitHub repos

Try it now at

Don't want to use the hosted version? You can run RepoRemover locally using the instructions below.


RepoRemover Selection UI

How it works

Repo Remover uses Personal Access Token along with the GitHub API to get a list of your personal repositories, and make changes to them.

Once you've provided a Personal Access Token, you can select which of your repos to modify, set the selected repos to be either archived or deleted, and then click the button to make the changes!

Before any changes are made, you will be asked to review the list of selected repos, and confirm your decision.

Note: Personal Access Tokens are not stored or saved in any way. For optimal security, we suggest you create a new token each time you use Repo Remover, and delete it when you are done.

Run RepoRemover locally

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your computer.
  2. Install dependencies
    yarn install
  3. Run local server
    yarn serve
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080/

Built with


Zaahir Moolla (@zmoolla,

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