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9 hours ago18mitCrystal
Fast, Effective, Simple Web Framework
Scalatra2,61749397 hours ago28December 19, 202066otherScala
Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra
Mojo2,5761925644 days ago743June 14, 202377artistic-2.0Perl
:sparkles: Mojolicious - Perl real-time web framework
a year ago21mitC++
Easy to use C++17 HTTP Server with no compromise on performances.
5 days agoJanuary 19, 202121bsd-3-clauseC++
A C++ Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework.
11 years ago31bsd-3-clauseScala
RESTful Web Framework based on Scala, built on top of Scalatra & Scalate
Sinja81325 years ago19October 27, 20177mitRuby
RESTful, {json:api}-compliant web services in Sinatra
Dito73469 days ago292July 22, 20223mitJavaScript
Dito.js is a declarative and modern web framework with a focus on API driven development, based on Objection.js, Koa.js and Vue.js – Developed at Lineto by Jürg Lehni and made available by Lineto in 2018 under the MIT license
2 days ago1mitPython
Esmerald framework - Highly scalable, performant, easy to learn, easy to code and for every sizeable and complex application
4 years ago1mitGo
Tanuki is a polyglot web framework that allows you to develop web applications and services in multiple programming languages.
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Mojolicious is a fresh take on Perl web development, based on years of experience developing the Catalyst framework, and utilizing the latest web standards and technologies. You can get started with your project quickly, with a framework that grows with your needs.

The Mojo stack provides a consistent set of components that can be used in any project. The guides cover most aspects of using the framework and the components have comprehensive reference documentation. Mojolicious is a real-time web framework, which allows a new class of web applications using WebSockets and having long-running requests without blocking.

Join us now, and be a part of a friendly and knowledgeable community of developers!


  • Most popular distribution on CPAN.
  • An amazing real-time web framework, allowing you to easily grow single file prototypes into well-structured MVC web applications.
    • Everything you need to build cloud-native web applications for state of the art container environments.
    • Powerful out of the box with RESTful routes, plugins, commands, Perl-ish templates, content negotiation, session management, form validation, testing framework, static file server, CGI/PSGI detection, first class Unicode support and much more for you to discover.
  • A powerful web development toolkit, that you can use for all kinds of applications, independently of the web framework.
    • Full stack HTTP and WebSocket client/server implementation with IPv6, TLS, SNI, IDNA, HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy, UNIX domain socket, Comet (long polling), Promises/A+, async/await, keep-alive, connection pooling, timeout, cookie, multipart, and gzip compression support.
    • Built-in non-blocking I/O web server, supporting multiple event loops as well as optional pre-forking and hot deployment, perfect for building highly scalable web services.
    • JSON and HTML/XML parser with CSS selector support.
  • Very clean, portable and object-oriented pure-Perl API with no hidden magic and no requirements besides Perl 5.26.0 (versions as old as 5.16.0 can be used too, but may require additional CPAN modules to be installed)
  • Also available for JavaScript.
  • Fresh code based upon years of experience developing Catalyst, free and open source.
  • Hundreds of 3rd party extensions and high quality spin-off projects like the Minion job queue.


All you need is a one-liner, it takes less than a minute.

$ curl -L | perl - -M -n Mojolicious

We recommend the use of a Perlbrew environment.

Getting Started

These three lines are a whole web application.

use Mojolicious::Lite;

get '/' => {text => 'I  Mojolicious!'};


To run the example with the built-in development web server, just put the code into a file and start it with morbo.

$ morbo
Web application available at

Test it with any HTTP client you prefer.

$ curl
I  Mojolicious!

Duct tape for the HTML5 web

Use all the latest Perl and HTML features in beautiful single file prototypes like this one, and grow them easily into well-structured Model-View-Controller web applications.

use Mojolicious::Lite -signatures;

# Render template "index.html.ep" from the DATA section
get '/' => sub ($c) {
  $c->render(template => 'index');

# WebSocket service used by the template to extract the title from a website
websocket '/title' => sub ($c) {
  $c->on(message => sub ($c, $msg) {
    my $title = $c->ua->get($msg)->result->dom->at('title')->text;


@@ index.html.ep
% my $url = url_for 'title';
  const ws = new WebSocket('<%= $url->to_abs %>');
  ws.onmessage = function (event) { document.body.innerHTML += };
  ws.onopen    = function (event) { ws.send('') };

Want to know more?

Take a look at our excellent documentation!

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