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A list of cool projects made in Iran
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Telegram React1,96919 months ago1April 20, 2022201gpl-3.0JavaScript
Experimental Telegram web client with tdlib, webassembly and react js under the hood
2 years ago21mitJavaScript
Here Music 一个使用 Electron + React 开发的音乐客户端
Made In Iran774
a year ago87TypeScript
A list of cool projects made in Iran
Urban Bot5155a month ago41September 19, 202236mitTypeScript
🤖 The universal chatbot library based on React. Write once, launch Telegram, Discord, Facebook, ... every messenger with chatbots
8 months ago38mitHTML
Codebase for KyberSwap that helps users convert tokens instantly and directly from their own hardware wallets, metamask and so on. No setup, No deposit, no withdrawal needed. Try it out on or join telegram for developers
a month ago129December 07, 20229apache-2.0JavaScript
Tinode web chat using React
Treact111122 years ago1February 21, 201824mitTypeScript
📢 Telegram React application (TDLIB VERSION IS BEING WORKED ON!)
2 years ago22gpl-3.0TypeScript
Telegram directory to discover channels, bots and groups.
React Telegram Login964310 months ago13July 07, 20207mitJavaScript
A React Telegram Login Widget Component
5 years agoJavaScript
Apiko Full Stack Courses 2018 — React Native course demo application
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Made in Iran

A curated list of open-source projects made in Iran.

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Awesome Lists

🌟 Name Description 🌍
1405 @soroushchehresa/awesome-coronavirus 🦠 Huge collection of useful projects and resources for COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus) ↗️
474 @mhbashari/awesome-persian-nlp-ir Curated List of Persian Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Tools and Resources


🌟 Name Description 🌍
50 @ganjoor/ganjoor-api REST API ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
36446 @nuxt/nuxt.js The Intuitive Vue Framework ↗️
20246 @usablica/intro.js Lightweight, user-friendly onboarding tour library ↗️
5425 @lebab/lebab Turn your ES5 code into readable ES6. Lebab does the opposite of what Babel does. ↗️
4962 @thedevs-network/kutt Free Modern URL Shortener. ↗️
2061 @iamhosseindhv/notistack Highly customizable notification snackbars (toasts) that can be stacked on top of each other ↗️
1404 @AriaMinaei/pretty-error See node.js errors with less clutter
1200 @morajabi/styled-media-query 💅💍 Better media queries for styled-component
743 @jalaali/moment-jalaali A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js.
608 @Kiarash-Z/react-modern-calendar-datepicker A modern, beautiful, customizable date picker for React ↗️
507 @babakhani/pwt.datepicker Javascript jalali calendar capable datepicker widget ↗️
492 @AriaMinaei/TheatreJS A high-performance animation editor for the web.
484 @AriaMinaei/Griddify A tiny Photoshop panel to make guides and grids ↗️
410 @mohebifar/grafgiti Vandalize your github contributions wall.
378 @mohebifar/react-native-loader A collection of animated spinners for React Native
317 @usablica/persian.js A simple library for Persian language localization. ↗️
290 @mohebifar/racket A complete starting app for developing universal React/Redux web apps with generators, best practices and more ↗️
202 @the-dr-lazy/deox Functional Type-safe Flux Standard Utilities ↗️
194 @jalaali/jalaali-js JavaScript functions for converting Jalaali and Gregorian calendar systems to each other
172 @evandhq/react-persian-datepicker A Persian date-picker component for react.js ↗️
171 @soroushchehresa/unsplash-wallpapers 🖼️ Unsplash cross-platform desktop application built with Electron, React and Redux
140 @AriaMinaei/RenderKid Stylish console.log for node
120 @Sazito/phoenix A simple boilerplate that helps you make your react application with Server Side Rendering & Localization support.
116 @mdibaiee/node-telegram-api A simple API to create and control Telegram bots
114 @moharnadreza/jsonplaceholder RTL fake REST/GraphQL API for testing and prototyping. ↗️
98 @mohebifar/angular-persian 🌏 Persian tools for angular.js
66 @mamal72/persian-twitter A WebExtension which improves Twitter & TweetDeck user experience for Persian users
61 @mostafa/react-native-fullscreen-video A full-screen video component on top of react-native-video
58 @siamak/zarinpal-checkout ☼ Simple implementation of ZarinPal JavaScript. ↗️
57 @mamal72/telegram-github-search-bot A Github search bot for Telegram ↗️
41 @mamal72/open-in-code Download and open Github files in Visual Studio Code right from your browser
40 @smoqadam/url-to-qrcode-firefox-addon an add-on to convert current url to qr code !!
37 @mamal72/gooz 💨 Send the old sh*tty browsers away from your website as simple as a Gooz
33 @mort3za/ludo In-browser "Ludo Game" for playing when there is no internet! ↗️
32 @mamal72/react-github A set of useful Github components for React
29 @Atbox/CodeChampion Plays epic sound clips when you write epic code on sublime Text! ↗️
28 @mamal72/iranian-calendar-events Fetch Iranian calendar events (Jalali, Hijri and Gregorian) from website
26 @mamal72/rtl-md 📝 A simple markdown to html converter which knows the direction!
20 @mahmoudmy/ ابیات ناب پارسی ↗️
18 @mamal72/dgkala-web A small & simple interface for DGKala in React & Redux ↗️
16 @mamal72/electron-jalali-calendar 📆 A simple menubar app for Jalali calendar built by Electron and React
15 @soroushchehresa/cli-corona 📈 Track the COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus) statistics in the command line ↗️
11 @mdibaiee/Hawk The missing Firefox OS file manager ↗️
10 @smoqadam/add-to-feedly a firefox extension to add a website to feedly ;)
9 @mamal72/ice-cli Iranian Calendar Events CLI
8 @alirezaomidi/classic-snake-html5 A Simple Classic Snake Game with HTML5 ↗️
8 @mamal72/axel-downloader A node.js wrapper around axel downloader
8 @mamal72/node-yahoo-weather [DEPRECATED - SEE ISSUES] ☔️ A simple isomorphic yahoo weather API wrapper in 10 lines of code
8 @ilxanlar/react-textarea-autoheight An auto-height textarea component for React
5 @mamal72/atom-isup Simple Atom package to check website up or down status using isitup
2 @alipiry/tite-cli (time + date) getter
2 @ali-master/persian-tools An anthology of a variety of tools for the Persian language in javascript ↗️
2 @amastaneh/tinymce_charactercount Character Count plugin for TinyMCE is a plugin adds character count functionality to TinyMCE.
2 @fatimasajadi/chemozart Web-based 3D molecule editor and visualizer with molecular mechanics calculators. ↗️
1 @hkhojasteh/Q-Smartwatch ⌚️ Customisable Smartwatch powered by a dedicated hardware and software.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
3997 @saeedalipoor/icono One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS ↗️
960 @morteza/bootstrap-rtl RTL Theme for Bootstrap v3.x
650 @arashmanteghi/simptip A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass ↗️
436 @MahdiMajidzadeh/bootstrap-v4-rtl RTL edition of bootstrap v4 for rtl languages like Farsi and Arabic ↗️
364 @siamak/licon Lightness and Useful icons with Pure CSS3 ↗️
122 @siamak/atom-panda-syntax Panda syntax theme for Atom. ↗️
101 @amastaneh/IranianBankLogos Iranian bank logos - لوگوهای بانک های ایران ↗️
76 @MahdiMajidzadeh/materialize-rtl RTL version of materializecss framework v1.0.0 ↗️
29 @z-avanes/bootstrap3-rtl Bootstrap 3 RTL with SASS ↗️
2 @amastaneh/Mixins.Helper LESS simple, light & useful library - LESS کتابخانه ساده، سبک و کاربردی


🌟 Name Description 🌍
201 @mortezakarimi/gentelella-rtl Free RTL Bootstrap 3 Admin Template ↗️
24 @siamak/FOWDConf94 Source code of FOWDConf94 [Static] ↗️
10 @sallar/rwd-conf-92 Website for 1st Responsive Design Conference in Iran. ↗️
7 @siamak/webpack-react-babel-boilerplate A boilerplate for Webpack, React, Babel project with css-loader ↗️
3 @theham3d/tehranjs-proposal This landing page was my proposal for tehran.js website that it wasn't used


🌟 Name Description 🌍
4928 @persepolisdm/persepolis Persepolis Download Manager is a GUI for aria2. ↗️
1308 @ilius/pyglossary A tool for converting dictionary files aka glossaries. The primary purpose is to be able to use our offline glossaries in any Open Source dictionary we like on any OS/device.
1099 @sepandhaghighi/pycm Multi-class confusion matrix library in Python ↗️
1091 @sepandhaghighi/art 🎨 ASCII art library for Python ↗️
613 @sobhe/hazm Python library for digesting Persian text. ↗️
404 @smoqadam/PyFladesk create desktop application by using Flask and QtWebKit
117 @smoqadam/python-tips List of python tips
116 @ilius/starcal StarCalendar: Full-featured International Calendar for Linux Desktop ↗️
105 @mostafa/grest Build REST APIs with Neo4j and Flask, as quickly as possible! ↗️
104 @sspipe/sspipe Simple Smart Pipe: python productivity-tool for rapid data manipulation ↗️
88 @ECSIM/opem OPEM (Open Source PEM Fuel Cell Simulation Tool) ↗️
87 @Moduland/Orangetool 📚 Control Functions For Single-Board Computers ↗️
57 @mhajiloo/persiantools Jalali date and datetime with other tools
54 @smoqadam/PyFladesk-rss-reader simple rss reader by PyFladesk
49 @msudgh/syncshell keep your machine's shell history synchronize
29 @msudgh/terminator-search A Google search plugin for Terminator terminal emulator
27 @psamim/aria2-telegram-bot Telegram bot to control an aria2 daemon
21 @Navid2zp/hcloud-tg Telegram bot for managing Hetzner cloud servers.
21 @jalaali/jalaali-python python implementation of jalali calendar.
20 @amirali/kutt API wrapper library and cli for ↗️
9 @mamal72/telegram-iranbot 🌎 A dead simple Telegram bot for FA to FA, EN to FA translation
9 @ParsianRoboticLab/Zero-Shot-Learning ~ ZeroShot Learning for ZJU AI Competition (GAN Approach) ↗️
3 @mostafa/Good-Old-Kott Kott - An abstract data-store for python
2 @mostafa/simplru A backport of Python 3 LRU Cache functionality for Python 2
1 @nerdial/FaceRecognition Face Recognition System Based On Python CV2 Library


🌟 Name Description 🌍
14 @mafiagameir/mafia-game Mafia Game engine, Telegram bot and website ↗️
12 @piran-framework/ganjex Passive Container With Runtime Lifecycle Management
9 @piran-framework/geev Very simple and lightweight Role-Based Node Discovery Library


🌟 Name Description 🌍
289 @adibfara/WatchTower 🗼Observe OKHttp API Calls With Request And Response Details Right In Your Browser!
7 @yamin8000/PrettyPersianNumbers android library to convert a number to word for Persian/Farsi language written in Kotlin


🌟 Name Description 🌍
807 @imanghafoori1/laravel-widgetize A minimal package to help you make your laravel application cleaner and faster.
714 @imanghafoori1/laravel-heyman Declarative style of authorization and validation in laravel.
396 @sasanrose/phpredmin Yet another web interface for Redis
295 @imanghafoori1/laravel-MasterPass Helps you securely setup a master password and login into user accounts with it.
223 @imanghafoori1/laravel-terminator A package to help you clean up your controllers in laravel
119 @NabiKAZ/filimo-downloader Download movies from لینک جایگزین جهت احتیاط:
99 @miladrahimi/phprouter PhpRouter is a powerful, minimal, and very fast HTTP URL router for PHP projects
92 @NabiKAZ/namava-downloader Download movies from website. لینک جایگزین جهت احتیاط:
69 @moeinrahimi/monolog-telegram 🔔 Telegram Handler which allows you log messages to telegram channels using bots
30 @miladrahimi/php-jwt A PHP implementation of JWT (JSON Web Token) generator, parser, verifier, and validator
29 @reshadman/laravel-mongo-auth A native mongodb authentication driver for laravel.
26 @Nevercom/php-ipg-ir IPG (Internet Payment Gateway) manager for Iran Banking System ↗️
26 @laratalks/payment-gateways Easy to use classes for Payment Provider Services in Iran
23 @smoqadam/php-telegram-bot a wrapper class for telegram bot api
21 @mastani/laravel-google-static-map Laravel Google Static Map Generator
19 @QuincePHP/Pelastic An explicit abstraction layer on elasticsearch query DSL ↗️
17 @smoqadam/php-telegram-cli php wrapper for telegram cli
16 @smmoosavi/php-gettext Wrapper for php-gettext by danilo segan. This library provides PHP functions to read MO files even when gettext is not compiled in or when appropriate locale is not present on the system.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
39 @aziz/jalalidate A library for working with Jalali Calendar (a.k.a Persian Calendar)


🌟 Name Description 🌍
761 @ahmdrz/goinsta Unofficial Instagram API written in Golang
273 @Arman92/go-tdlib Golang Telegram TdLib JSON bindings
96 @yaa110/go-persian-calendar The implementation of Persian (Solar Hijri) Calendar in Go ↗️
73 @fzerorubigd/tmass tmux session manager written in golang
36 @mamal72/golyrics A simple Go package to fetch lyrics from Wikia
27 @fzerorubigd/zacman zacman, a simple zsh package manager in go
25 @ilius/repassgen A super-flexible random password generator based on a regexp-like pattern, written in Golang
19 @Navid2zp/dups A CLI tool to find/remove duplicate files supporting multi-core and different algorithms (MD5, SHA256, and XXHash).
13 @mamal72/dgkala A simple Go package to interact with Digikala website
13 @sijad/srtfixer Persian subtitle fixer in golang
10 @nasermirzaei89/telegram Golang Telegram Bot API
8 @mamal72/golyrics-telegram A simple Telegram lyrics bot
8 @goraz/humanize DEPRICATED : A simple human friendly :) ast representation for go, new version at fzerorubigd/humanize
3 @nasermirzaei89/chance Chance is a random generator in Go
3 @fzerorubigd/onion Layer based configuration for golang, this fork is for bc, use goraz/onion ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
23 @yaa110/rust-persian-calendar The implementation of the Persian (Solar Hijri) Calendar in Rust ↗️
7 @hosseind88/crypto-watcher A cli tool to see cryptocurrency token prices.
4 @ParsianRoboticLab/RAIC2019 ~ Parian Base Code for Russian AI Cup 2019 (CodeBall) [peak place 40 among 700 teams] ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
819 @aliab/circular-music-progressbar Beautiful Circular Progress Bar with album art for android
675 @SaeedMasoumi/FAB-Loading A loading animation based on Floating Action Button
518 @adibfara/Lives Lives - Android LiveData Extensions for Kotlin and Java
484 @saeedsh92/Banner-Slider Banner slider is an easy to use library for implement image sliders in android apps.
461 @persian-calendar/DroidPersianCalendar Android Persian Calendar / تقویم فارسی اندروید ↗️
432 @yaa110/Effects-Pro An easy-to-use Android application to apply filters to images
304 @mreram/ShowCaseView 🔦The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with an attractive and flat overlay.
274 @aliab/Two-Step-Picker-Dialog Two step wheel picker dialog for Android
230 @alirezaafkar/SunDatePicker Date picker for Iranian calendar
214 @aliab/Persian-Date-Picker-Dialog Persian Date Picker Dialog for Android
207 @AhmadNemati/WindView WindView is an Android Library to show Weather's Wind & pressure Status
180 @yaa110/Piclice Android application to slice and share your pictures
146 @navabi/JustifiedTextView a custom view that simulate justified text for you
104 @mreram/TicketView 🎫 A custom view for showing tickets
99 @imaNNeoFighT/StepBarView Step Bar View (make your own customized StepBar)
98 @imaNNeoFighT/ArcChartView Arc Chart View (Draw Creative Statistic Arc Charts)
91 @alirezaafkar/Toolbar Android toolbar with layout direction support
57 @aliab/RTLMaterialSpinner an RTL Material Spinner for android
54 @soroushjavdan/ApplicationLocker With this library you could send users to lock activity after they leave your application .
53 @MostafaNasiri/AndroidFileChooser A customizable file/directory chooser for Android.
42 @SirLordPouya/AndroidAppUpdater Android App Updater [specially for Iranian Android Markets] ↗️
42 @AhmadNemati/ClickableWebView Simple WebView to Detect click on an image
23 @soroushjavdan/Android-Mandrill-Interface An Android Mandrill API Connector ↗️
18 @yaa110/RestorableSQLiteDatabase A wrapper around Android's SQLiteDatabase with restoring capability
14 @MostafaNasiri/CircularPulsingButton A circular button with pulse effect for Android.
14 @MostafaNasiri/RtlNavigationView Android RTL Navigation Drawer


🌟 Name Description 🌍
11 @hamidreza-s/Evedis Erlang binding for Vedis which is an embedded datastore C library
6 @bisphone/Tnesia Time-series Data Storage
4 @bisphone/Queuesk Priority Task Queue for Erlang
1 @pouriya-jahanbakhsh/director moved to pouriya/director - Director is a production-ready supervisor and manager for Erlang/Elixir processes that focuses on speed, performance and flexibility.
0 @pouriya-jahanbakhsh/lb moved to pouriya/lb - Load-Balancer for spreading Erlang/Elixir messages.
0 @pouriya-jahanbakhsh/sockerl moved to pouriya/sockerl - Sockerl is an advanced Erlang/Elixir socket framework for TCP protocols and provides fast, useful and easy-to-use API for implementing servers, clients and client connection pools.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
34 @mdibaiee/sibe Experimental Haskell machine learning library


🌟 Name Description 🌍
222 @amiremohamadi/DuckX C++ library for creating and updating Microsoft Word (.docx) files.
27 @mohebifar/openbabel-node OpenBabel Bindings for Node.js
23 @Targoman/TargomanSMT Targoman SMT framework source code
11 @keyvank/tracy A simple open-source 3D engine written fully in C++
11 @mhmmdshirazi/QT-Mobile-Sensors Here's a simple Qt application for mobile devices both IOS and Android. It can capture and indicate the mobile phone sensors and GPS data.
10 @Targoman/TargomanNMT Fast Neural Machine Translation in C++ ↗️
6 @Targoman/TextProcessor
5 @alipiry/PlanEditor A GUI application for creating task assignment formations of NAO humanoid robots in SPL.
4 @novinsh/GamePlanner Multi-agent Coordination of the Nao Humanoid Robots in SPL
3 @Targoman/TargomanCommon Usefull clases to be used all over Targoman projects and Other Qt/C++ based projects
2 @Targoman/QHttp a light-weight and asynchronous HTTP library (both server & client) in Qt5 and c++14
2 @Targoman/E4MT
0 @Targoman/MTEval
0 @Targoman/QRESTServer QRESTServer focuses on developing a lean and mean Qt/C++ based RESTAPI server.
0 @Targoman/TargomanDBM A wrapper over QSQLDatabase with big enhancements
0 @Targoman/TargomanDBM A wrapper over QSQLDatabase with big enhancements


🌟 Name Description 🌍
100 @hamidreza-s/NanoChat A P2P, E2E encrypted and discoverable chat application on top of nanomsg library
9 @aminroosta/sqlite_modern_cpp The C++14 wrapper around sqlite library
0 @ziabary/ISO639 A simple header file to validate and convert ISO639-1 and ISO639-2 codes


🌟 Name Description 🌍
173 @zumoshi/BrowserSelect Browser Select is a utility to dynamically select the browser you want instead of just having one default for all links.
97 @kokabi1365/Vajehdan 📘 راهنمای واژه‌گزینیِ فارسی ↗️
87 @avestura/EyesGuard 👀 Windows Application for protecting your eyes ↗️
69 @Mds92/MD.PersianDateTime A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime
35 @amastaneh/PersianDataAnnotations PersianDataAnnotations is ASP.NET Core MVC & ASP.NET MVC Custom Localization DataAnnotations (Localized MVC Errors) for Persian(Farsi) language - فارسی سازی خطاهای اعتبارسنجی توکار ام.وی.سی. و کور.ام.وی.سی. برای نمایش اعتبار سنجی سمت کلاینت
28 @avestura/KuttSharp 🔪 .NET Package for url shortener ↗️
3 @ehsan-mohammadi/eRamz Protect files with DES encryption


🌟 Name Description 🌍
101 @psamim/telegram-cli-backup A simple Lua script to backup Telegram messages into a CSV or sqlite database


🌟 Name Description 🌍
750 @amosavian/FileProvider FileManager replacement for Local, iCloud and Remote (WebDAV/FTP/Dropbox/OneDrive) files -- Swift
79 @mamal72/lyricsify-mac A simple Spotify lyrics viewer menu bar app for macOS in Swift 3


🌟 Name Description 🌍
3103 @imaNNeoFighT/fl_chart A powerful Flutter chart library, currently supporting Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Chart and Radar Chart.
386 @imaNNeoFighT/circular_bottom_navigation


🌟 Name Description 🌍
7 @soheilpro/zsh-vi-search Adds support for searching the current line (in normal vi mode) to zsh.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
1148 @rastikerdar/vazir-font Vazir is a Persian/Arabic font. وزیر یک فونت فارسی/عربی است
324 @rastikerdar/samim-font A Persian (Farsi) Font - فونت (قلم) فارسی صمیم
285 @rastikerdar/shabnam-font A Persian (Farsi) Font - فونت (قلم) فارسی شبنم
210 @rastikerdar/vazir-code-font A Persian (farsi) Monospaced Font for coding - فونت (قلم) فارسی وزیرکد برای کد نویسی
143 @font-store/BehdadFont Farbod: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - بهداد: فونت فارسی با مجوز آزاد ↗️
143 @font-store/BehdadFont Farbod: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - بهداد: فونت فارسی با مجوز آزاد ↗️
122 @BornaIz/Lalezar A multi-script display typeface for popular culture
112 @rastikerdar/parastoo-font A Persian (Farsi) Font - فونت (قلم) فارسی پرستو
89 @rastikerdar/tanha-font A Persian (Farsi) Font - فونت (قلم) فارسی تنها
65 @rastikerdar/gandom-font A Persian (Farsi) Font - فونت (قلم) فارسی گندم
62 @font-store/NikaFont Nika: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - Text and Print نیکا: فونت فارسی/عربی با مجوز آزاد
62 @font-store/NikaFont Nika: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - Text and Print نیکا: فونت فارسی/عربی با مجوز آزاد
40 @font-store/GanjnamehFont Ganjname: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - گنجنامه: فونت فارسی با مجوز آزاد ↗️
26 @font-store/FarbodFont Farbod: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - Text and Print ↗️
26 @font-store/FarbodFont Farbod: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - Text and Print ↗️
18 @font-store/ShahabFont Shahab: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - شهاب: فونت فارسی با مجوز آزاد ↗️
17 @font-store/NoonFont Noon: Persian/Arabic Open Source Font - For quarn نون - فونتی مخصوص طبع و نشر قرآن با پشتیبانی فارسی
15 @font-store/RitaFontTester Auxiliary tool for the development of Persian-Arabic fonts ↗️
7 @aasaam/brand-icons Collection of Iranian brand icons with additional awesome Simple Icons ↗️
5 @font-store/YaldaFont Yalda: Persian/Arabic Caption Open Source Font - یلدا : فونت فارسی سنگین وزن با مجوز آزاد ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
8 @mhmmdshirazi/LabviewImageProcessing Lab view image processing code for path controlling of an omnidirectional robot.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
240 @HirbodBehnam/MTProtoProxyInstaller One-click script to install MTProto Proxy server on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian
202 @arastu/iran Administrative divisions of Iran in json and xml formats - تقسیمات کشوری ایران با فرمت جی‌سان و ایکس ام ال
79 @softwaretalks/newsletter خبرنامهٔ‌ای تخصصصی برای مهندسان نرم‌افزار و گیک‌های کامپیوتری ↗️
27 @ohmydevops/The-dark-sides-of-being-a-SysAdmin اینجا آرشیوی از خاطرات و رویدادهای تلخ سیستم‌ادمین‌ها و مهندسان زیرساخت میباشد.
15 @mostafa/gnulinux-book An open documentation licensed book about Debian GNU/Linux operating system in Persian
14 @sijad/iran-cities-list Iran cities in separated json files
10 @mostafa/iptables_book Netfilter iptables on IPv4 & IPv6, 1st Edition: It's a collaborative book on Netfilter iptables and its programming. ↗️
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