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UIEffect provides visual effect components for Unity UI.

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Let's decorate your UI with effects! You can control parameters as you like from the script as well as inspector. AnimationClip is supported as a matter of course!


Available effects

Component Features Screenshot
UIEffect Combine some visual effects.

Effect Mode: Grayscale, Sepia, Nega, Pixelation
Color Mode: Multiply, Fill, Additive, Subtract
Blur Mode: Fast, Medium, Detail
Advanced Blur: Enable more beautiful blurring.
UIShiny Apply shining effect to a graphic.
The effect does not require Mask component or normal map.

Parameters: Effect factor, Width, Rotation, Softness, Brightness, Gloss
UIDissolve Apply dissolve effect to a graphic.

Color Mode for edge: Multiply, Fill, Additive, Subtract
Parameters: Effect factor, Width, Rotation, Softness, Edge color
Options: Effect area, Keep effect aspect ratio
UIHsvModifier Modify HSV for graphic.

Target: Color, Range
Adjustment: Hue, Saturation, Value
UITransition Effect Apply transition effect with a single channel texture.

Effect Mode: Cutoff, Fade, Dissolve
Options: Effect area, Keep effect aspect ratio, transition texture
Pass Ray On Hidden: Disable the graphic's raycastTarget on hidden.

The following effects can be used with the above components.
Component Features Screenshot
UIShadow Add shadow/outline to a graphic.
The performance is better than the default Shadow/Outline component.

ShadowStyle: Shadow, Shadow3, Outline, Outline8
UIGradient Change vertex color as gradient with angle and offset.

Direction: Horizontal, Vertical, Angle, Diagonal
Options: Offset, Color space
UIFlip Flip a graphic.

Direction: Horizontal, Vertical, Both


WebGL Demo



  • Unity 2017.1 or later
  • No other SDK are required

Using OpenUPM (for Unity 2018.3 or later)

This package is available on OpenUPM. You can install it via openupm-cli.

openupm add

Using Git (for Unity 2018.3 or later)

Find the manifest.json file in the Packages folder of your project and edit it to look like this:

 "dependencies": {
 "": "",

To update the package, change suffix #{version} to the target version.

  • e.g. "": "",

Or, use UpmGitExtension to install and update the package.

For Unity 2018.2 or earlier

  1. Download a source code zip file from Releases page
  2. Extract it
  3. Import it into the following directory in your Unity project
    • Packages (It works as an embedded package. For Unity 2018.1 or later)
    • Assets (Legacy way. For Unity 2017.1 or later)

How to play demo

  • For Unity 2019.1 or later
    • Open Package Manager window and select UI Effect package in package list and click Demo > Import in project button
  • For Unity 2018.4 or earlier
    • Click Assets/Samples/UIEffect/Import Demo from menu

The assets will be imported into Assets/Samples/UI Effect/{version}/Demo.
Open `


  1. Add any effect component to UI element (Image, RawImage, Text, etc...) from Add Component in inspector or Component > UI > UIEffect > ... menu.
  2. Adjust the parameters of the effect as you like, in inspector.
  3. You can add or modify effects from the script.
var uieffect = gameObject.AddComponent<UIEffect>();
uieffect.effectMode = EffectMode.Grayscale;
uieffect.effectFactor = 0.85f;
uieffect.colorMode = ColorMode.Add;
uieffect.effectColor = Color.white;
uieffect.colorFactor = 0.1f;
uieffect.blurMode = BlurMode.FastBlur;
uieffect.blurFactor = 1;

  1. Enjoy!

Example of using

UIEffect can easily be used in a variety of cases in the game.

Case Description Screenshot
Lock/unlock contents Use UIEffect to apply grayscale.
Indicate to user that the content is unavailable.
Silhouette Use UIEffect for filling color.
Soft shadow/
Outer glow
Use UIEffect and UIShadow to blur the shadow.
Colored shadow Use UIEffect and UIShadow to fill shadow with color.
Blurred dynamic font Use UIEffect to blur text.
To blur dynamic font cleanly, enable Advanced Blur option.
Text with outline & shadow Use two UIShadows to add outline and shadow.
There is less overdraw than default Outline/Shadow.
Shining button Use UIShiny for shining button.
Indicate to user that you can press the button.
Screen transition Use UITransitionEffect to transition the screen with any transition texture.


  • MIT
  • © UTJ/UCL


This is an open-source project that I am developing in my free time. If you like it, you can support me. By supporting, you let me spend more time working on better tools that you can use for free. :)




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