Kotlin, MVVM, Navigation Component, Hilt, Jetpack Compose, Retrofit2
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Open Api Android App472
2 years ago7Kotlin
Kotlin, MVI, Hilt, Retrofit2, Coroutines, Room Persistence, REST API, Token Authentication
2 years ago3Java
基于谷歌最新AAC架构,MVVM设计模式的一套快速开发库,整合ViewModel+Lifecycles+Navigation+DataBinding+LiveData+Okhttp+Retrofit+RxJava+Glide等主流模块,满足日常开发需求。使用该框架可以快速开发高质量、易维护的Android应用。 项目组会持续维护,请放心使用.欢迎Start并Fork交流.
a year ago4Kotlin
Kotlin, MVVM, Navigation Component, Hilt, Jetpack Compose, Retrofit2
The Movie Db Kotlin378
2 months ago3apache-2.0Kotlin
The Movie DB app using Kotlin with updated Android features
Component Jetpack Mvvm364
2 years ago2mit
Food2fork Compose119
2 years ago3Kotlin
Kotlin, MVVM, Navigation Component, Hilt, Jetpack Compose, Retrofit2, Room, Use cases, Unit Testing
3 years ago1mitKotlin
A sample Android gallery to search images posted on Reddit built using modern Android development tools (Architecture Components, MVVM, Coroutines, Flow, Navigation, Retrofit, Room, Koin)
2 years ago2Kotlin
Its a playground application focusing on Paging3, MVVM architecture, Kotlin Extension functions, Retrofit, DSL, Navigation component, MotionLayout, SharedElementTransition, Single Activity Architecture, DataStore etc.
2 years agoKotlin
基于AndroidX的架构,包含 Retrofit2(okhttp3)+Glide+ navigation +fragment+coroutines +LiveData +ViewModel
2 months ago1Kotlin
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What is this project?

This course will replace my old java mvvm introduction:

Watch the new course here:

This is a beginner course.

Main Features

  1. Kotlin
  2. MVVM
  3. Jetpack Compose
  4. MutableState
    • Simpler than LiveData or Flow with respect to composables.
  5. Hilt
  6. Navigation Components
  7. Retrofit2
  8. Single Activity Architecture
  9. App Themes
  10. Custom Fonts
  11. Light and Dark theme
    • Toggle between themes

Compose features

  1. Snackbars
  2. Dialogs
  3. Theming
  4. Fonts
  5. Colors
  6. Animations introduction
    • creating a 'shimmering' loading animation
  7. ConstraintLayout
  8. Rows
  9. Columns
  10. Scaffold
  11. AppBar
  12. Circular Progress Indicator

Why not Flow or LiveData?

  1. LiveData
    • LiveData has always been a love/hate thing for me. It's great for some things but can be very annoying for others. For example you MUST have an observer for livedata to emit anything. Making it pretty useless in a repository or anywhere except viewmodel->view communication.
  2. Flow
    1. Flow is great. I use flows for my use cases when building out clean architecture. You don't need an "android observer" because flow lives in the coroutine world and there's even support for operators like RxJava has.
    2. Easily converted from livedata with a single function call.
    3. Tons of other useful properties. Check out the flow docs.
  3. StateFlow
    1. StateFlow is the newest addition to kotlinx.coroutines.flow. Simply put StateFlow is a flow with special properties.
    2. Originally I had planned to use StateFlow in this course but it's really just totally unnecessary. I don't want to show you an unrealistic example of how to use something so I'm sticking with the very simple MutableState in viewmodels.


  1. android/compose-samples
  4. Color system
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