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MsQuic is a Microsoft implementation of the IETF QUIC protocol. It is cross platform, written in C and designed to be a general purpose QUIC library.

Important The QUIC protocol is currently submitted to IESG for publication, and not RFC quite yet. MsQuic implements the latest published drafts (-29 & -33).

IETF Drafts: Transport, TLS, Recovery, Datagram, Load Balancing

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Protocol Features

QUIC has many benefits when compared to existing "TLS over TCP" scenarios:

  • All packets are encrypted and handshake is authenticated with TLS 1.3.
  • Parallel streams of (reliable and unreliable) application data.
  • Exchange application data in the first round trip (0-RTT).
  • Improved congestion control and loss recovery.
  • Survives a change in the clients IP address or port.
  • Stateless load balancing.
  • Easily extendable for new features and extensions.

Library Features

MsQuic has several features that differentiates it from other QUIC implementations:

  • Optimized for client and server.
  • Optimized for maximal throughput and minimal latency.
  • Asynchronous IO.
  • Receive side scaling (RSS) support.
  • UDP send and receive coalescing support.



For information on contributing, please see our contribution guidlines.

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