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Awesome Open Source

Stylify Me

A Style Guide Generator - using NodeJS and PhantomJS, a command line webkit browser. See it live at

This repo only contains the web service. We host our app on Heroku.

Running the service locally

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS installed and running

  2. Install dependencies with npm npm install

  3. Update the referer url check in "app.js" with the url of your frontend (local and production):

    isRefererValid : function(referer){
    		var validRefs = ["", "", "", "http://localhost:9185", "http://localhost:" + app.get('port')]
    			,isvalid = false;
  4. Start the nodeJs app with node app.js

  5. Query http://localhost:5000/query? (assuming you run your app on port 5000) and you should be able to see a JSON response I recomend using Postman for debugging your api


This repo only contains the web service, you can query it from the front end like this:

var urlToQuery = encodeURIComponent("");

	dataType: "jsonp",
	url: ""+ urlToQuery,
	success: function(data){
			alert("Error: " + data["error"]);
		//PROCESS the result
	timeout : 10000
	alert("Could not query site, the service might be down, please try again later.");

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