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Vector clock implementation for distributed systems, in Rust
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Dotted Version Vectors272
5 years agoErlang
Logical Clocks for Eventually Consistent Systems
3 years agomitJavaScript
A library for writing distributed systems that use a gossip protocol to communicate state management, consistent hash rings for sharding, and vector clocks for history.
2 months ago15mitGo
Vector clock logging library for Go
5 years ago3apache-2.0Scala
⚛️ JustinDB is a highly available globally distributed key-value data store.
Interval Tree Clocks132
5 years ago1Java
A Logical Clock for Static and Dynamic Systems
Nanovg Rs107723 years ago8August 27, 20182otherC
Rust-language binding for the NanoVG vector graphics library
a month agogpl-3.0Kotlin
An elegant and colorful location information app for Android with Compass, Clock, Level, Sun, Moon, Trail Marker and many other features.
Vector Analog Clock75
2 years ago2mitJava
A Simple Customizable VectorAnalogClock Android View
Vectorclock70141511 years ago1November 16, 20122JavaScript
A simple implementation of vector clocks in Javascript.
9 months ago2cc-by-4.0
Specification for the Correlation Vector - a protocol for tracing and correlation of events through a distributed system based on a light weight vector clock.
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Vector Clocks for Rust

A Vector Clock is a data structure and algorithm for detecting partial ordering of events in distributed systems. This is an implementation for Rust.


Add vectorclock to your Cargo.toml:

vectorclock = "*"

The data structure is contained in the VectorClock<HostType> generic struct. You specialize this struct based on how you identify your processes, via IP addresses, usernames, Uuids, or anything else.

Look at the tests in for usage examples.

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