Downloader for the Global Surface Water Data of the Copernicus Programme
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Downloader for the Global Surface Water Data of the Copernicus Programme
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Alternatives To Download_water_data
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Download Water Data

Downloader for the Global Surface Water data of the Copernicus Programme.

It is based on the original


This tool runs on Windows/Mac/Unix and requires Python version 2 or 3.


Install with pip

  • Install the tool with python -m pip install download_water_data
  • Run the tool with python -m download_water_data <arguments> or just download_water_data <arguments> if the Python Scripts directory is in your system PATH

Download without installing

  • Download the latest download_water_data.pyz file
  • Open a terminal or console
  • Run the tool with python download_water_data.pyz <arguments>

To interrupt tool execution press Ctrl+C.


Possible tool arguments and options can be listed with the -h option:

$ download_water_data -h

usage: download_water_data [-h] [-v] [-d PATH] [-r {1_0,1_1,1_1_2019,1_3_2020,1_4_2021}] [-a] [-f] [DS ...]

Full Download Script for Global Surface Water Data.

positional arguments:
  DS                    one or more datasets names to download (occurrence,
                        change, seasonality, recurrence, transitions, extent),
                        use the "-a" option to download all the datasets

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -d PATH, --directory PATH
                        destination directory where to download the data (by
                        default the current working directory is used)
  -r {1_0,1_1,1_1_2019,1_3_2020,1_4_2021}, --revision {1_0,1_1,1_1_2019,1_3_2020,1_4_2021}
                        data revision (default is 1_4_2021)
  -a, --all             download all datasets (default is false)
  -f, --force           rewrite existing files (default is false)


To download the occurrence and change datasets run

download_water_data occurrence change

To download all the datasets run

download_water_data -a

To change the destination directory add the -d option

download_water_data -a -d 'download/path'

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