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srt2txt - Subtitle converter

Convert subtitles from SRT to the Adobe Encore script format (.txt)

This Python script translates subtitle files in the SRT format (as exported by YouTube) to a text format suitable to be used with the Adobe Encore suite for the purposes of making DVD subtitle tracks.


srt2txt [--format {ntsc,pal}] [--gap N] [input file] [output file]

  • --gap is used to specify the minimum number of frames between text clips, default is 5. This is a requirement in Encore for Blu-ray discs. Frames are padded at the beginning of clips when needed.
  • --format specifies the framerate in use for the project (default is PAL at 25)


Python 2.7, developed and tested on MacOS X 10.9.


Written by Stéphane Peter ([email protected])

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