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Tutorial "Local Library" website written in in Node/Express.

This web application creates an online catalog for a small local library, where users can browse available books and manage their accounts.

For more information see the associated MDN tutorial home page.

Note The auth branch in this repository implements an unsupported and undocumented version of the library with User Authentication and Authorization. This may be a useful starting point for some users.

Quick Start

To get this project up and running locally on your computer:

  1. Set up a Nodejs development environment.
  2. Once you have node setup, enter the following commands in the root of your clone of this repo:
    npm install
    DEBUG=express-locallibrary-tutorial:* npm run devstart   #For linux
  3. Open a browser to http://localhost:3000/ to open the library site.

Note: The library uses a default MongoDb database hosted on MongoDB Atlas. You should use a different database for your own code experiments.

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