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RDFSharp has a modular API made up of four layers (RDF/SPARQL/SHACL docs, OWL/SKOS docs):

  • RDFSharp.Model
    • Create and manage RDF models (resources, literals, triples, graphs, namespaces, ...)
    • Exchange them using standard RDF formats (N-Triples, TriX, Turtle, RDF/Xml)
    • Create and validate SHACL shapes (shape graphs, shapes, targets, constraints, reports, ...)
  • RDFSharp.Store
    • Create and manage RDF stores for context-aware modeling of RDF data (quadruples)
    • Exchange them using standard RDF formats (N-Quads, TriX)
  • RDFSharp.Query
    • Create and manage RDF federations giving integrated query access to multiple data sources
    • Create and execute SPARQL queries on graphs, stores, federations and SPARQL endpoints
  • RDFSharp.Semantics
    • Create and manage OWL-DL ontologies (classes, restrictions, properties, facts, assertions, annotations, ...)
    • Validate ontology T-BOX and A-BOX against a standard set of RDFS/OWL-DL constraint rules
    • Create OWL-DL reasoners exploiting an extensible set of RDFS/OWL-DL inference rules
    • Create and manage SKOS glossaries, thesauri and classification schemes with a friendly and powerful API

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