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Flutter Advanced Network Image Provider

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An advanced image provider provides caching and retrying for flutter app. Now with zoomable widget and transition to image widget.

Getting Started


Add this to your pubspec.yaml (or create it):

  flutter_advanced_networkimage: any

Then run the flutter tooling:

flutter packages get


// using image provider
  image: AdvancedNetworkImage(
    header: header,
    useDiskCache: true,
    cacheRule: CacheRule(maxAge: const Duration(days: 7)),
  fit: BoxFit.cover,
// work with precacheImage
    header: header,
    useDiskCache: true,
    cacheRule: CacheRule(maxAge: const Duration(days: 7)),

// or svg provider (flutter_svg)
  AdvancedNetworkSvg(url, SvgPicture.svgByteDecoder, useDiskCache: true),
// get the disk cache folder size
int cacheSize = await DiskCache().cacheSize();
// clean the disk cache
bool isSucceed = await DiskCache().clear();
// using zooming widget & transitiontoimage widget
  minScale: 0.3,
  maxScale: 2.0,
  // default factor is 1.0, use 0.0 to disable boundary
  panLimit: 0.8,
  child: Container(
    child: TransitionToImage(
      image: AdvancedNetworkImage(url, timeoutDuration: Duration(minutes: 1)),
      // This is the default placeholder widget at loading status,
      // you can write your own widget with CustomPainter.
      placeholder: CircularProgressIndicator(),
      // This is default duration
      duration: Duration(milliseconds: 300),
// Reload feature included
  image: AdvancedNetworkImage(url,
    loadedCallback: () {
      print('It works!');
    loadFailedCallback: () {
      print('Oh, no!');
    loadingProgress: (double progress) {
      print('Now Loading: $progress');
  loadingWidgetBuilder: (_, double progress, __) => Text(progress.toString()),
  fit: BoxFit.contain,
  placeholder: const Icon(Icons.refresh),
  width: 400.0,
  height: 300.0,
  enableRefresh: true,
// Scale the widget size. (Origin point was fixed to screen's center)
  panLimit: 1.0,
  maxScale: 2.0,
  minScale: 0.5,
  singleFingerPan: true,
  multiFingersPan: false,
  enableRotate: true,
  child: Image(
    image: AssetImage('graphics/background.png'),
  zoomSteps: 3,

Details in example/ folder.

demo gif

If you have any problem or question, feel free to file issues.

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