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Rosetta is a Django application that facilitates the translation process of your Django projects.

Because it doesn't export any models, Rosetta doesn't create any tables in your project's database. Rosetta can be installed and uninstalled by simply adding and removing a single entry in your project's INSTALLED_APPS and a single line in your main file.

Note: as of version 0.9.0, django-rosetta requires Django 1.11 or later, as of version 0.9.6, django-rosetta requires Django 2.2 or later, and as of version 0.9.9 django-rosetta supports Django 3.2 or later.


  • Reads and writes your project's gettext catalogs (po and mo files)
  • Installed and uninstalled in under a minute
  • Uses Django's admin interface CSS


Please refer to the online documentation to install Rosetta and get started.

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