Markdown editor with pandoc integration and paginated preview.
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a month ago39gpl-3.0TypeScript
Markdown editor with pandoc integration and paginated preview.
a month ago117gpl-3.0JavaScript
🖊 A gtk3 markdown editor
7 years ago12mitHaskell
Pandoc based document editor and converter in your browser.
Academic Pandoc Template147
2 months agomitHTML
Write beautifully typeset academic texts with distraction-free Markdown and Pandoc.
a day ago36gpl-3.0Vala
The markdown editor worth stealing. Inspired by Ulysses, based on code from Quilter
Pandoc Mac Os X Services82
8 years ago1
Invoke pandoc from any text editor with the opened file as input
Sugartex73323 years ago13January 21, 20193mitPython
SugarTeX is a more readable LaTeX language extension and transcompiler to LaTeX. Fast Unicode autocomplete in Atom editor via
Atom Rst Preview22
5 years ago31otherCoffeeScript
Open a rendered version of the ReStructuredText in the current editor with `ctrl-shift-r`.
Markdown Guide21
6 years agounlicenseBatchfile
The Markdown Guide for the Perplexed
Csound Floss19
2 days ago1gpl-3.0Jupyter Notebook
The Csound FLOSS Manual
Alternatives To Panwriter
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PanWriter is a distraction-free markdown editor with two unique features:

  1. Tight integration with pandoc for import/export to/from plenty of file formats (including HTML, docx, LaTeX and EPUB).
  2. Preview pane that can show pages – including page breaks etc. Layout adjustments are immediately reflected in the preview.

Read the MANUAL for more info.

Download PanWriter

You also have to install pandoc to export to most formats.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions very much welcome! Please open an issue to start a conversation.


Install git (if you haven't already) and install Volta (which will make the correct Node.js and Yarn versions availlable in the project directory), then:

git clone [email protected]:mb21/panwriter.git
cd panwriter
yarn install

## To run the app in development mode:
yarn run electron:dev

## To build distributable app package (goes to ./dist):
yarn dist

Check out the package.json for more scripts to run.

Powered by

PanWriter is powered by (amongst other open source libraries):

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