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The Ultimate Beamer Theme List

Hi! Below is a table of custom Beamer themes originally taken from, now expanded to include a few more themes.

Want to add yours? Awesome! Send a PR with your link added to the bottom of the table, or email me (see my GitHub profile) and I'll do it for you.

Theme Preview Notes
beamer-progressbar PDF Sylvain Bouveret has built an alternative beamer theme called progressbar, for more information, see his website. More of his themes are in this repo.
CEA PDF An unofficial CEA theme for latex beamer made by Fabrice Gadaud.
diepen style Screenshot For those that like airplanes (or any other background image I suppose)
TU/e PDFScreen PDF It's the post dated January 31, 2008.
IAS themes Screenshot Created by Frans Oliehoek.
Torino Screenshot A fresh looking theme called "Torino" made by Marco Barisione.
UA Screenshot A LaTeX beamer theme for the University of Antwerp.
UniversiteitGent Screenshot This is a LaTeX beamer theme for the University of Ghent, based on the UA theme.
UNL PDF Chris Bourke made a nice theme for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The .sty file can be found by scrolling down to the LaTeX - Beamer section.
makokal-ALUF PDF Okal Billy's theme used while at University of Freiburg.
makokal-JUB PDF Okal Billy's theme used while at Jacobs University.
kansai-debian PDF Debian theme for latex-beamer, originally KansaiDebianMeeting OpenOffice Impress theme created by Jun NOGATA.
Lleida Screenshot A theme created by Paulo Jorge Matos.
Sybila PDF A theme created by Sybila.
bunsen PDF A XeTeX Beamer template by Seth Brown.
LSE PDF An unofficial LaTeX Beamer theme for the London School of Economics by Christopher Gandrud.
ZBH Screenshot Unofficial Beamer theme for the ZBH of the University of Hamburg.
TU-BS PDF A beamer theme complying with the corporate design of Technische Universität Braunschweig
carlworld-beamer-slide-theme Screenshot Carl Compliant Beamer slide theme.
intridea Screenshot A Beamer theme for Intridea.
HongKong PDF An Unofficial Beamer Theme for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Subdued Screenshot A subdued, stylish beamer template by Cameron Bracken
Bjeldbak Screenshot A minimalistic beamer theme based on the subdued theme by Martin Bjeldbak Madsen (me!)
HSRM PDF A theme that complies with the corporate design of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences by Benjamin Weiss.
GC3 PDF A theme that is based on the University of Zurich "corporate identity" guidelines by Riccardo Murri.
BeamerPorts Various on project page A project by Márton Marczell attempting to port popular PowerPoint themes to Beamer
HSMA Screenshot A theme complying with the corporate design of Hochschule Mannheim - University of Applied Science, Germany by Steve Hegenbart.
Zurich Screenshot The Zurich beamer theme is a simplistic theme for Beamer, a fairly popular LaTeX class for creating presentations. The theme is heavily based on the excellent Flip Beamer template. Created by Patrick Pletscher.
metropolis PDF The metropolise theme (previously m or mtheme) is a modern Beamer theme with minimal visual. Created by Matthias Vogelgesang.
Amsterdam Screenshot This theme is called "Amsterdam" and has been created by Rogier Koppejan. It's based on Dresden but with custom colors.
Frederiksberg PDF Frederiksberg beamer theme from the University of Copenhagen.
UMBC Screenshot A couple of themes made by Rouben Rostamian for UMBC University.
Uppsala Screenshot A theme for the Uppsala University of Sweden made by Frédéric Haziza.
McGill Screenshot A theme with a nice McGill layout.
McGill-alt PDF A McGill theme that isn't red by Gabi Sarkis.
Execushares PDF A minimalist and modern Beamer theme by Kenton Hamaluik.
TUGraz Screenshot A theme using the cooperate identity of the TU Graz, by Martin Weiglhofer.
aecio PDF A super simple and clean latex beamer theme, by Aécio Santos.
supelec PDF A beamer theme for Supélec, by Frédéric Boulanger.
CWRU A basic Beamer theme for Case Western Reserve University, inspired by Montpellier and created by Matt Ruffalo.
Flip PDF A theme by Philip "Flip" Tanedo.
Ithaca PDF A theme based on Flip, created by Raul Gomez.
Econ1 PDF A theme by Rohit Patel. He also has 2 other themes for Northwestern and Kellogg students.
Gelugor PDF A theme mimicking Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)’s Powerpoint presentation template, by Lim Lian Tze.
Cyberjaya PDF A theme mimicking Multimedia University (MMU)’s Powerpoint presentation template, by Lim Lian Tze.
Skudai PDF A theme mimicking Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)’s Powerpoint presentation template, by Lim Lian Tze.
Kalgan PDF A dark theme by Kartik Prabhu.
simple PDF A minimalist theme with a watermark in the background, by Facundo Muñoz.
brown A theme for Brown University, by Andreas Kloeckner.
mit A theme for MIT based on brown, by Justin Riley.
sthlm PDF A theme heavily based on HSRM but with a slightly different design, the ability to compile with pdfLaTeX and no proprietary fonts required. Created by Mark Olson.
rured PDF An unofficial theme with the Radboud University colours, by Louis Onrust.
kuleuven PDF A theme for KU Leuven, by Roland Pastorino.
ruhuisstijl PDF A theme which mimics the corporate and departemental style for the Radboud University powerpoint presentations. Created by Louis Onrust.
INRA Screenshot A theme reproducing the new corporate style of INRA, by François Guillaume.
Bredele PDF A theme using the colors of Framasoft, with a few boxes and tables. Created by Christophe Masutti.
nv Screenshot A funky theme inspired by some nvidia slides (resource expansive though). Created by Serge "sans Paille" Guelton.
ampang Screenshot A theme which uses Ubuntu fonts, by Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi.
BlackBoard PDF A theme mimicking a blackboard, by Kazuki Maeda.
DarkConsole PDF A theme mimicking a virtual console, by Kazuki Maeda.
s4ndm4n PDF A dark theme with color-accented boxes and a verbose footline. Created by Andreas Rümpel.
Saarland PDF An unofficial beamer theme for Saarland University, by Kailash Budhathoki.
TAU PDF An unofficial beamer theme for Tel Aviv University, by Alex Liberzon.
uga-beamer-theme PDF An unofficial beamer theme for University of Georgia, by Robert Robinson
fsu-beamer-theme PDF An unofficial beamer theme for Floridal State University, by Robert Robinson
fit-beamer-theme PDF An unofficial beamer theme for SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, by Robert Robinson
usyd-beamer-theme Releases An unofficial beamer theme for The University of Sydney, by Malcolm Ramsay.
focus PDF A minimalist presentation theme for LaTeX Beamer by Pasquale Claudio Africa.
UT-LaTeX-Beamer-Theme PDF Beamer theme using the house style of the University of Twente, by Jasper Goseling
beamerthemeuconn PDF Beamer themes for the University of Connecticut, by Cory Brunson
unina-beamer PDF A modern unofficial beamer theme for people at the University of Naples "Federico II" (UniNA), by Luigi L. L. Starace.
pure-minimalistic PDF A true minimalistic theme; Provides normal and dark mode, by Kai Norman Clasen
Auriga PDF Auriga is a minimalist LaTex beamer presentation theme.
Arguelles PDF Argüelles is a clean, typographic theme featuring the Alegreya font family.
PoliMi PDF Beamer port of the official Polytechnic University of Milan presentation theme by Pasquale Claudio Africa.

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