Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Processing sketches, in which I have worked in the last years; images, videos, prototypes, experiments, tools, works, concepts... Everything is unfinished, some may not work, When I had no ideas, I would open one to see what it was...

About images:

You can use the images that are here for any purpose, if you want to modify or export them higher resolution you will have to render them with the code.

Most of the images are in /20**/generative/ you just have to run it and search for a seed you like by pressing any button, if you like one press "S". Many images have filters, I used Analog Efex for a long time, now I see it is paid, before it was free... I don't know if the preset still works in the new version... (if you search you find) but the presets is in the "Analog Efex back" folder.

Sometimes I remove the vowels and replace it with the previous consonant, not being so literal...

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