Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Browser-based TelePrompter with Remote Control



  • [X] Edit Text in Browser
  • [X] Changes Saved Automatically
  • [X] Handy Keyboard Shortcuts
  • [X] Advanced Controls
  • [X] Remote Control Support

Free to Use

Our Open Source TelePrompter is Available Online:


Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Alternatives Description
Increase Font Size
Decrease Font Size
PAGE UP Slow Down Teleprompter
PAGE DOWN Speed Up Teleprompter
SPACE B F5 . Start / Stop Teleprompter
ESC Resets GUI

We also made an effort to make sure your text will be easy to read. So if you are pasting text from a word document, we'll do some cleaning up to make the breaks flow more easily.

Get Updates

Follow this project on GitHub, or you can follow me on Twitter for updates: @mrmidi

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