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Mailchimp for Magento 1 Integration. Syncs all data (subscriber, customers, orders, products) and enables marketing automation with email campaigns, automations, ads, postcards and more.
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Magento2 Gmail Smtp App302626 months ago39April 12, 202211PHP
Configure Magento 2 to send email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microsoft Office365 and many other SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers
Mc Magento21456311 days ago78July 19, 202222osl-3.0PHP
MailChimp for Magento 2. Syncs all data (subscriber, customers, orders, products) and enables marketing automation with email campaigns, automations, ads, postcards and more.
Mc Magento120
a year ago20November 10, 202014osl-3.0PHP
Mailchimp for Magento 1 Integration. Syncs all data (subscriber, customers, orders, products) and enables marketing automation with email campaigns, automations, ads, postcards and more.
5 years ago6PHP
FULL, FREE and SUPPORTED integration with MailChimp Email Marketing and Mandrill Transactional Emails for Magento
Magento2 Magemonkey46616 years ago14September 01, 20177PHP
FULL, FREE and SUPPORTED integration with MailChimp Email Marketing for Magento 2.
Mage Db Import14
11 years agoShell
This is a template to do automatic magento db imports from prod to dev/test/local including lots of handy scripts you need when creating a dev db
9 years agoPHP
Light (one mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe with web-hooks) Mailchimp extension for Magento
Magento2 Alpaca Packages3
6 months ago
3 years agoPHP
OroCRM package, allows to run MailChimp campaigns for Magento abandoned carts.
Magento Auto Assign Customer Group1
9 years agoagpl-3.0PHP
Magento Auto-Assign Customer Group
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MailChimp For Magento 1

Build Status

MailChimp Integration

Integration to sync all the Magento data (Newsletter subscriber, Customers, Orders, Products) with MailChimp. It allows to use all the MailChimp potential for email Marketing such as sending Campaigns, Automations and more.

Mandrill Integration

The integration includes a Mandrill SMTP module that overrides the one integrated from Magento, you will need to enable Mandrill with its API key from your Mandrill account ( for the transactional emails to work. If you want to use the Mailchimp integration without Mandrill for SMTP, contact our support so we can tell you how to set that up.

Main Features

  • Two way sync between a MailChimp list and Magento’s newsletter
  • Responsive Email Catcher Popup when accessing the site
  • Compatibility with all the MailChimp Features


Magento Community Edition (1.7 or above) or Magento Enterprise (1.11 or above)

MailChimp Account

Step Installation

To get a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes, just clone this repository on your Magento’s root directory and flush the Magento’s cache.

Alternatively, use modman to install this module.

modman clone -b 'master'

Module Configuration

To enable MailChimp For Magento:

  1. Go to System -> Configuration -> MAILCHIMP -> MailChimp Configuration -> Select scope on your Magento’s back end.
  2. Click the Get API credentials and place your MailChimp credentials, then an API Key will be shown.
  3. Paste the API Key on MailChimp For Magento’s configuration and click Save Config
  4. When the page is loaded again select the desired audience to sync with the Magento’s newsletter audience. At this point your Magento subscribers will start being sent to the configured MailChimp audience.
  5. If you have a paid MailChimp account and want to use MailChimp Automations go to "Default Config" scope and to the Ecommerce section and set it to Enabled. Now all your store information (Products, orders, customers and carts) will start being sent to MailChimp's associated audience at your "Default Config" scope.

More guides and tutorials about the Mailchimp integration with Magento can be found on the tutorial page of Mailchimp.

Report Issues

For reporting issues, follow this guidelines or your issue will be rejected.

Labels applied by the team

Label Description
bug Bug report contains sufficient information to reproduce. Will be solved for associated Milestone.
enhancement Improvement accepted. Will be added for associated Milestone.
done Issue has been solved and will be applied in the associated Milestone.
duplicate Issue has been already reported and will be closed with no further action.
wrong issue format Issue has not been created according to requirements at the Issue reporting guidelines. Will be closed until requirements are met.
feature request Feature request to be considered by the team. After approval will be labeled as enhancement.
could not replicate The team was not able to replicate issue. It will be closed until missing information is given.
contact support Contact our support team at [email protected]. Issue will be closed with no further action.
low priority Issue is considered as low priority by the team.
priority Issue is considered as high priority by the team.
conflict Issue reports a conflict with other third party extension.
need feedback Feedback is required to continue working on the issue. If there is no answer after a week it will be closed.
blocked Issue can not be solved due to external causes.
read documentation Issue will be closed. Available documentation: MailChimp For Magento doc

Pull requests

Before creating a pull request please make sure to follow this guidelines or it will be rejected.


Need support? Click here


Open Software License (OSL 3.0)

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