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  • Create a Certifcate Authority that can be use to issue certificate for domains.

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Sometimes you need https on your local machine to test some functionality of your application, like payment system, but some of them require a valid https. Like stripe. And you can’t use localhost to request a certificate from issuer like Let’s Encrypt, so your option is to create a self signed certificate authority (CA). This tool make it easy.

Just clone this repository by run this command:

git clone [email protected]:madeny/lhttps.git` 
from terminal and do the following:
  • cd lhttps
  • composer install
  • php lh create

If you wish to add your rootCA.pem to your Mac OS trusted certificate, use the a flag --a right after like so: php lh create --a

Your and will be in cert/live directory

Just update your nginx config with

ssl_certificate path/to/;
ssl_certificate_key path/to/;

Right now only OSX and Ubuntu are support to create Certificate But only Mac OSX are support to automatically add your Root Certificate Authority (CA) to the Trusted list

Todo Next:

  • [ ] Full support for ubuntu
  • [ ] Support for Windows
  • [ ] Auto deploy certificate for Nginx
  • [ ] Auto deploy certificate for Apache
  • [ ] Auto deploy certificate for Node.js

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