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Messenger Platform Go SDK

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A Go SDK for the Facebook Messenger Platform.


go get


The main package has been named messenger for convenience.

Your first step is to create Messenger instance.

import ""


messenger := &messenger.Messenger {
	VerifyToken: "VERIFY_TOKEN/optional",
	AppSecret: "APP_SECRET/optional",
	AccessToken: "PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN",
	Debug: messenger.DebugAll, //All,Info,Warning


  • VerifyToken is the token needed for a verification process facebook performs. It's only required once. Optional.
  • AppSecret is the Application Secret token. It's used for message integrity check. Optional.
  • AccessToken is required to send messages. You can find this token in your app developer dashboard under Messenger tab.
  • Debug is used for setting debug mode type as described on Optional.

The next step is to hook up the handler to your HTTP server.

//hook up
http.HandleFunc("/webhook", messenger.Handler)
//start the server
http.ListenAndServe(":5646", nil)

The next step is to subscribe to an event, to do that you have to hook up your own handler.

messenger.MessageReceived = MessageReceived


func MessageReceived(event messenger.Event, opts messenger.MessageOpts, msg messenger.ReceivedMessage) {
//do stuff

Sending messages


Check more examples in examples folder.

var mess = &messenger.Messenger{
	AccessToken: "ACCESS_TOKEN",

func main() {
	mess.MessageReceived = MessageReceived
	http.HandleFunc("/webhook", mess.Handler)
	log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":5646", nil))

func MessageReceived(event messenger.Event, opts messenger.MessageOpts, msg messenger.ReceivedMessage) {
	profile, err := mess.GetProfile(opts.Sender.ID)
	if err != nil {
	resp, err := mess.SendSimpleMessage(opts.Sender.ID, fmt.Sprintf("Hello, %s %s, %s", profile.FirstName, profile.LastName, msg.Text))
	if err != nil {
	fmt.Printf("%+v", resp)

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