Modular subdomain enumeration and target identification toolkit
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SpiderFoot automates OSINT for threat intelligence and mapping your attack surface.
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reconFTW is a tool designed to perform automated recon on a target domain by running the best set of tools to perform scanning and finding out vulnerabilities
11 days ago9mitGo
A Workflow Engine for Offensive Security
2 months ago11February 22, 20218gpl-3.0Go
Simple, fast web crawler designed for easy, quick discovery of endpoints and assets within a web application
10 hours agomitPowerShell
Custom bash scripts used to automate various penetration testing tasks including recon, scanning, enumeration, and malicious payload creation using Metasploit. For use with Kali Linux.
7 days ago2mitGo
An automated e-mail OSINT tool
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Overview   🔹   Usage   🔹   Contribute

💥 v3.0 now available! 💥

SubScraper is a fast subdomain enumeration tool that uses a variety of techniques to find subdomains of a given target. Subdomain enumeration is especially helpful during penetration testing and bug bounty hunting to uncover an organization's attack surface.

Depending on the CMD arguments applied, SubScraper can resolve DNS names, request HTTP(S) information, and perform CNAME lookups for takeover opportunities during the enumeration process. This can help identify next steps and discover patterns for exploitation.

Key Features

  • Modular design makes it easy to add new techniques/sources.
  • Various levels of enumeration for additional data gathering.
  • Allows for multiple target inputs or read targets from .txt file.
  • Windows CLI compatibility.
  • Generate output files in .txt or .csv format.



The following can be used to install SubScraper on Windows, Linux, & MacOs:

git clone
cd subscraper
python3 install


You can build a docker image and run subscraper from Docker:

git clone
cd subscraper
docker build -t m8sec/subscraper .
# display help
docker run --rm m8sec/subscraper
# example scanning a site
docker run --rm m8sec/subscraper


Command Line Args

SubScraper Options:
  -T MAX_THREADS        Max threads for enumeration (Default: 55).
  -t TIMEOUT            Timeout [seconds] for search threads (Default: 25).
  -r REPORT             Output to specific file {txt*, csv}.
  target                Target domain.

Module Options:
  -L                    List SubScraper enumeration modules.
  -M MODULES            Execute module(s) by name or group (Default: all).
  -w WORDLIST           Custom wordlist for DNS brute force.
  --censys-id CENSYS_ID    API ID.
  --censys-secret CENSYS_SECRET API Secret.

Enumeration Options:
  --dns                 Resolve DNS address for each subdomain identified.
  --http                Probe for active HTTP:80 & HTTPS:443 services.
  --takeover            Perform CNAME lookup & probe for HTTP(s) response.
  --all                 Perform all checks on enumerated subdomains.


Modules can be executed by name or by module groups:

  Module Name       Description

  archiveorg           - Use to find subdomains.
  certsh               - Subdomains enumeration using
  dnsbrute             - DNS bruteforce.
  threatcrowd          - subdomain enumeration.
  dnsdumpster          - Use DNS dumpster to enumerate subdomains.
  bufferoverrun        - passive enumeration.
  search               - Subdomain enumeration via search engine scraping.
  censys               - Gather subdomains through SSL cert Lookups.
    |_API_ID          API ID               (Required:True)
    |_API_SECRET      API Secret           (Required:True)
  bevigil              - Gather subdomains through mobile app scan data
    |_API_Key                  BeVigil API Key                (Required:True)

Module Groups

  • all - Execute all modules (Default).
  • brute - Only execute DNS brute force techniques.
  • scrape - Only execute web scraping techniques.

Example Usage

subscraper targets.txt
cat targets.txt | subscraper pipe
subscraper -all -r enumeration.csv
subscraper -M brute -w mywords.txt
subscraper -M censys --censys-id abc123 --censys-secret xyz456

Execution Notes

  • SubScraper only uses PASSIVE enumeration techniques unless all, http, takeover arguments are applied.
  • API keys are required for the censys module, register for free at
  • .txt reports will only include subdomains.
  • .csv reports, when paired with cmd args all, http, takeover, will provide additional HTTP data such as page size, title, and Server headers.


Contribute to the project by:

  • Like and share the tool!
  • Create an issue to report new enumeration techniques or, better yet, develop a module and initiate a PR.
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