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mipsel, mips64 Ubiquiti EdgeMax(ER-X, ER-4), UniFi Security Gateway(USG) shadowsocks-libev

Cross complie shadowsocks for UBNT devices(ER-X ER-4 USG) based on mips or mips64

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You can download pre-complied file here


  • mips64
  • mips

dnsmasq iptables SS . How to set dnsmasq and iptables


  1. Docker Install Docker
    curl -sSL | sh

  2. Clone the git repo
    git clone

  3. build Build the docker image
    docker build --tag ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev .

  4. Start the container
    docker run -idt --name ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev

  5. Copy from docker container
    docker cp ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev:/opt/ss-mips/ss-bin .

mips mips64

ENV ARCHITECH mips mips64 4

Controlled by ENV ARCHITECH, default build mips, you can set ARCHITECH="mips64" to build mips64 file.

docker run -idt --name ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev -e ARCHITECH="mips64" ubnt-mips-shadowsocks-libev

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