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A tiny (349B) reusable date formatter. Extremely fast!


Inspired by tinytime, this module returns a "render" function that efficiently re-render your deconstructed template. This allows for incredibly performant results!

However, please notice that this only provides a limited subset of Date methods.
If you need more, tinytime or date-fns are great alternatives!


$ npm install --save tinydate


const tinydate = require('tinydate');
const fooDate = new Date('5/1/2017, 4:30:09 PM');

const stamp = tinydate('Current time: [{HH}:{mm}:{ss}]');

//=> Current time: [16:30:09]

//=> Current time: [17:09:34]


tinydate(pattern, dict?)(date?)

Returns: Function

Returns a rendering function that will optionally accept a date value as its only argument.


Type: String
Required: true

The template pattern to be parsed.


Type: Object
Required: false

A custom dictionary of template patterns. You may override existing patterns or declare new ones.

Important: All dictionary items must be a function and must control its own formatting.
For example, when defining your own {ss} template, tinydate will not pad its value to two digits.

const today = new Date('2019-07-04, 5:30:00 PM');

// Example custom dictionary:
//   - Adds {MMMM}
//   - Overrides {DD}
const stamp = tinydate('Today is: {MMMM} {DD}, {YYYY}', {
	MMMM: d => d.toLocaleString('default', { month: 'long' }),
	DD: d => d.getDate()

//=> 'Today is: July 4, 2019'


Type: Date
Default: new Date()

The date from which to retrieve values. Defaults to current datetime if no value is provided.


  • {YYYY}: full year; eg: 2017
  • {YY}: short year; eg: 17
  • {MM}: month; eg: 04
  • {DD}: day; eg: 01
  • {HH}: hours; eg: 06 (24h)
  • {mm}: minutes; eg: 59
  • {ss}: seconds; eg: 09
  • {fff}: milliseconds; eg: 555


# Node v10.13.0

tinydate    x 160,834,214 ops/sec ±0.21% (96 runs sampled)
tinytime    x  44,602,162 ops/sec ±0.34% (97 runs sampled)
time-stamp  x     888,153 ops/sec ±1.27% (86 runs sampled)


MIT © Luke Edwards

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