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Better completion for npm

  • Makes npm install recommendations from npm cache
  • Makes npm uninstall recommendations from dependencies/devDependencies
  • Shows detailed information on script contents for npm run
  • Falls back to default npm completions if we don't have anything better


Using Antigen

Bundle zsh-better-npm-completion in your .zshrc

antigen bundle lukechilds/zsh-better-npm-completion

Using zplug

Load zsh-better-npm-completion as a plugin in your .zshrc

zplug "lukechilds/zsh-better-npm-completion", defer:2

Using zgen

Include the load command in your .zshrc

zgen load lukechilds/zsh-better-npm-completion

As an Oh My ZSH! custom plugin

Clone zsh-better-npm-completion into your custom plugins repo

git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/zsh-better-npm-completion

Then load as a plugin in your .zshrc



Clone this repository somewhere (~/.zsh-better-npm-completion for example)

git clone ~/.zsh-better-npm-completion

Then source it in your .zshrc

source ~/.zsh-better-npm-completion/zsh-better-npm-completion.plugin.zsh


  • zsh-nvm - Zsh plugin for installing, updating and loading nvm
  • gifgen - Simple high quality GIF encoding


MIT © Luke Childs

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