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A smart swipe android library helps you make View (and Activity) swipes easier.

In addition, to facilitate the use, SmartSwipe encapsulates the following tool classes:

  • SmartSwipeBack:
    All Activities slide back in an easy way via a single line code.
    without any super activity class; without translucent theme; without any code into BaseActivity; without any code into xml layout files;
  • SmartSwipeRefresh:
    With a single line code to achieve swipe refresh and load more. Compatible with vertical and horizontal
  • SwipeConsumerExclusiveGroup:
    Manages a set of exclusive SwipeConsumers, can only open one at a time.


download demo.apk

Translucent Sliding
Drawer above
Drawer behind
(factor is settable)
Doors Open
Shutters Open

Create a cover

Doors open Shutters Open Drawer Open

Activity sliding back

All Activities slide back in an easy way via a single line code.

  • without any super activity class;
  • without translucent theme;
  • without any code into BaseActivity;
  • without any code into xml layout files;
Back via release velocity
Translucent Sliding Back
Back with bezier
Like doors open
Like shutters open
Global Usage


First add SmartSwipe to your project

implementation ''

Nested scrolling only compatible after android api above 21(android 5.0) with core library(smart-swipe)

Add extension library to compat for android support library or androidX like below:

implementation ''
//compat for android support library
implementation ''


implementation ''
//compat for android x
implementation ''

SmartSwipe can be used by chain programming within a single line code. The usage of API looks like follow:

SmartSwipe.wrap(...) 		//view or Activity
	.addConsumer(...) 		//add a SwipeConsumer
	.enableDirection(...) 	//Specifies which side of the slide the SwipeConsumer will consumes
	.setXxx(...) 			//[optional] some other Settings
	.addListener(...); 		//[optional] add listener(s) to the SwipeConsumer

Sample code:

//	When view cannot scroll vertically (or scrolling to the top/bottom), 
//	if continue to drag, the UI will show elastic stretching effect, 
//	and smooth recovery after release
	.addConsumer(new StretchConsumer())

Add more than one 'SwipeConsumer' to the same View. Such as:

	.addConsumer(new StretchConsumer())
	.enableVertical() 					//Stretch effect at directions: top and bottom
	.addConsumer(new SpaceConsumer())
	.enableHorizontal() 				//Space effect at directions: left and right

Click here for more details about SwipeConsumers

Activity slides back with a single line of code globally

SmartSwipeBack.activityBezierBack(application, null);	//bezier shows while swiping
SmartSwipeBack.activityStayBack(application, null);		//Back via release velocity
SmartSwipeBack.activitySlidingBack(application, null);	//sliding with pre-activity relative moves
SmartSwipeBack.activityDoorBack(application, null);		//finish activity like doors open
SmartSwipeBack.activityShuttersBack(application, null);	//finish activity like shutters open

Click here For more Details

Add swipe refresh to a View via a single line code

//the second parameter within xxxMode:
// false: works vertically(swipe down to refresh and swipe up to load more)
// true: works horizontally(swipe right to refresh and swipe right to load more) 
SmartSwipeRefresh.drawerMode(view, false).setDataLoader(loader);
SmartSwipeRefresh.behindMode(view, false).setDataLoader(loader);
SmartSwipeRefresh.scaleMode(view, false).setDataLoader(loader);
SmartSwipeRefresh.translateMode(view, false).setDataLoader(loader);

You can use default headers and footers, and you can also customize your own.

The refresh extension library(smart-swipe-refresh-ext: Download) will include some fancy third-party headers and footers.

here is the first one(Based on Ifxcyr/ArrowDrawable):

refresh arrow

Click here For more Details

SmartSwipe features:

  • support for 4 directions swipe( left/top/right/bottom)
  • supports adding multiple SwipeConsumers to the same View(/Activity)
  • supports nested usage
  • support to use for list items in ListView and RecyclerView and the list itself
  • compat for NestedScroll (android support library and androidX)
  • A dozen of built-in SwipeConsumers effects


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