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A repository for sharing all the resources available on Reactive Programming and Reactive Systems

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Rx.JS 4
Rx.JS 5




Draw Cycle
Toy RxJS
Rx Marbles
Rx Visualizer



A General Theory of Reactivity
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing - A. Staltz
Learning Observable By Building Observable - B. Lesh
What is Reactive Programming? - K. Webber
A Journey into Reactive Streams - K. Webber
The Taxonomy of Reactive Programming - V. Savkin


ReactiveX tutorials
Rx.JS 5 manual
Testing RxJS Apps with Marble Diagrams - E. Ponto
Understanding the observable type - N. Balestra
Understanding the observable type - pt 2 - N. Balestra
Understanding the observable type - pt 3 - N. Balestra
7 Operators to Get Started with RxJS - V. Tunru
Using Observables in real life - N. Carlo
Rx.JS 4 Book - D. Stoyanov
Being RxJS Subjects Savvy - P. Singh
Rx — If the Operators could speak! - A. RizWan
Naive Infinite scroll in Reactive Programming using RxJS Observables - A. Sureshkumar
Becoming more reactive with RxJS flatMap and switchMap - D. Wilson
What happens when you use RxJS in React? - D. Kriskovic
RxJS switch, switchMap, and other map operations - A. Crites
Introducing Redux-Fusion: An alternative approach to React-Redux’s connect Method for RxJS Observable State & Components via Recompose - B. Ipsen
Functional Reactive Game Programming – RxJS Breakout - M. Wieser
Making use of RxJS in Angular - W. Kwiatek
Taking advantage of observables in Angular - C. Burgdorf


Becoming fully reactive: an in-depth explanation of MobX - M. Weststrate
Write React-Native apps in 2017 style with MobX - W. Szafraniec
Redux or MobX: An attempt to dissolve the Confusion - R. Wieruch
The fundamental principles behind MobX - M. Weststrate
MobX 3 released: Unpeeling the onion - M. Weststrate
Enjoying MobX, JSX and virtual-dom - A. Osa
Using Mobx and React to build an instant search - S. Tapia
React Navigation with MobX - P. Xue
State Management & Hydration with MobX - C. Savino
Next.js meets Firebase and mobx | I - Sakulstra
Next.js meets Firebase and mobx | II - Sakulstra
Next.js meets Firebase and mobx | III - Sakulstra
Next.js meets Firebase and mobx | IV - Sakulstra
Why We Chose MobX Over Redux For Spectacle Editor - R. Gerstenberger
Building a React & MobX application with MVVM - M. Manzati
React form validation with MobX - N. Kozhukharenko


Node server with Rx and Cycle.js - G. Bahmutov
Using Cycle.js to view real-time satellite test data - J. Van Brügge
Cold and hot callbacks - A. Staltz
Cycle.js, RxJS and cold observables - T. Belin
Plug and Play All Your Observable Streams With Cycle.js - F. Krautwald

SAM Architecture

SAM Pattern
Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks - J. Dubray


Mastering Reactive Javascript - E. Oliveira
Reactive Programming with JavaScript - J. Hayward
Reactive Programming with RxJS - S. Mansilla
Reactive Programming with Angular and ngrx - O. Farhi
Reactive Programming with Node.js - F. Doglio
RxJS in Action - P. Daniels and L. Atencio



Unidirectional data flow architectures - A. Staltz
MVC to FRP - G. Bahmutov
Real-time Insights powered by Reactive Programming - J. Phelps
From Inactive to Reactive with ngrx - B. Roberts & M. Ryan


You will learn Rx.JS - A. Staltz
State of RxJS Jan '17 - B. Lesh
RxJS 5 Thinking Reactively - B. Lesh
RxJS + Redux + React = Amazing! - J. Phelps
Async Redux Actions With RxJS - B. Lesh
Angular 2 Http - Working with RxJS Observables - A. Towfeek
Reactive Angular 2 - R. Wormald
RxJS: destroy the state machine! - S. Jerkku
RxJS 5 in-depth - G. Sans
Reactive Angular 2 Applications with RxJS (ASL) - S. Muller


React, transparent reactive programming and mutable data structures - M. Weststrate
Magic MobX become a reactive wizard in 30 minutes - M. Weststrate
MobX vs Redux: Comparing the Opposing Paradigms - P. Kasireddy
Comparing Redux and MobX with two CTO's and React experts - state management using reactjs - I. Zayats & P. Ramon


Cycle.js and functional reactive user interfaces - A. Staltz
Brain as building block - A. Staltz
CycleConf 2017 - all sessions

Video Training Courses

Reactive JavaScript Programming - S. Bhatnagar
Mastering Meteor: Powerful Reactive Applications with Full-Stack JavaScript - G. Mcknight
Manage Complex State in React Apps with MobX - M. Westrate
Introduction to Reactive Programming - A. Staltz
Step-by-Step Async JavaScript with RxJS - J. Liquidist
Cycle.js fundamental - A. Staltz
RxJS Beyond the Basics: Operators in Depth - A. Staltz
RxJS Subjects and Multicasting Operators - A. Staltz
Use Higher Order Observables in RxJS Effectively - A. Staltz
RxJS Beyond the Basics: Creating Observables from scratch - A. Staltz

Twitter accounts to follow

Ben Lesh
André Staltz
Michel Weststrate
Jay Phelps
Matt Podwysocki
Nick Balestra
Erich Oliveira
Robin Wieruch
Gerard Sans
Christoffer Noring
Denis Stoyanov


Rx.JS on Gitter
Cycle.js on Gitter
MobX on Gitter
SAM architecture on Gitter

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