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Kefir — is an Reactive Programming library for JavaScript inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS with focus on high performance and low memory usage.

For docs visit See also Deprecated API docs.

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Kefir available as NPM and Bower packages, as well as simple files download.


npm install kefir


bower install kefir


See downloads section in the docs.

Also available on jsDelivr.

Browsers support

We don't support IE8 and below, aside from that Kefir should work in any browser.


The NPM package ships with Flow definitions. So you can do something like this if you use Flow:

// @flow

import Kefir from 'kefir'

function foo(numberStream: Kefir.Observable<number>) {
  numberStream.onValue(x => {
    // Flow knows x is a number here

const s = Kefir.constant(5);
// Flow can automatically infer the type of values in the stream and determine
// that `s` is of type Kefir.Observable<number> here.


npm run prettify    # makes source code pretty (you must run it before a PR could be merged)
npm run build-js    # builds js bundlers
npm run test        # runs all the checks
npm run test-only   # runs only unit tests without other checks
npm run test-debug  # runs tests with a chrome inspector connected to the node process
npm run build-docs  # builds the documentation html file

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