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This project allows to use PostCSS features (plugins, syntaxes etc.) for compiling to JSS object via babel, so you can take benefits from both.


  • With PostJSS very easy to start using JSS from SASS/SCSS/PostCSS etc. All you need - update your components and use PostJSS Babel Plugin
  • You can continue use your favorite syntax and the power of PostCSS plugins (stylelint, sort-order etc.), but take advantages of CSS in JS - awesome!
  • You can write styles in styled-components way, css-modules way or in both - the choice is yours
  • You can build your project just with babel
  • Static compilation, no runtime overhead!
  • You can use any library that is compatible with the JSS-object, not only JSS


npm i postjss -S

Babel Plugin Options

This plugin uses postcss-load-config, so you need to set PostCSS options in package.json/.postcssrc/postcss.config.js/.postcssrc.js

Plugin Options:

  • extensionsRe: String - RegExp for extensions. By default (c|(s[ac]?))ss - for css, sass, scss, sss
  • namespace: String - Set your custom namespace for tagged literals. By default its postjss
  • throwError: Boolean - Plugin will throw an error and stop transpiling, if error caused by PostCSS (eg styling errors). By default false

.babelrc example:

plugins: [
    'postjss/babel', {
      extensionsRe: 's[ac]?ss',
      namespace: 'customPostJSSNamespace',
      throwError: false

How it works?

Please check the counter example

postjss example

As tagged template literal

Babel PostJSS plugin transforms tagged literal into the JSS-object by PostCSS, like:

const styles = postjss`
    left: ${() => 0}

    margin-${marginType}: 10px

    transition: ${'opacity'} 1s

    color: ${color}

      content: '😱'

After transpile it would look like:

const styles = {
  [selector]: {
    left: () => 0,
    [`margin-${marginType}`]: '10px',
    transition: 'opacity 1s',
    color: color,
    '&::before': {
      content: "'😱'"

You are free to use all PostCSS feature and custom postjss syntax (see bellow)

Notice that if you are using stylelint and property-no-unknown rule, you need to set an option like this (it's required for current postjss parser implementation): property-no-unknown: [true, { ignoreProperties: ['/\$\^var__/'] }]

As a separate styles file

After transpiling imported styles inlined into variable (import name) as a function expression, that accepts an object with arguments and returns a JSS object with styles with arguments usage. Notice that arguments name has uniq scope, so you need not worry about names conflict.

Say you have this styles.sss (with SugarSS i.e.):

  display: flex

  margin: 0
  padding: 0

  list-style: none

  margin-right: 10px
  padding: 5px

    border-bottom: 1px solid red

And a component using it:

import style from './style.sss'

After babel transpiling your component become as:

const styles = function (izexozk) {
  izexozk = Object.assign({}, izexozk);
  return {
    "langList": {
      "display": "flex",
      "margin": "0",
      "padding": "0",
      "listStyle": "none"
    "lang": {
      "marginRight": "10px",
      "padding": "5px",
      "&.current": {
        "borderBottom": "1px solid red"

And you can use this with JSS like:


Custom PostJSS Syntax

You can use specific syntax for some JSS-features in your CSS:

  • /JS Code/ - you can place JS-block wrapped by / in every property value
  display: /({ visible }) => visible ? 'block' : 'none'/
  • $^variableName - allows you to use variables passed as arguments to the style function
  background-color: /^color || $color/
  • defaults block for default values - it would be default for accepting args
  prop: /^prop || 'test'/
  selector: ''
  • $^propertyName - for custom property/selector names
  $^prop: 100vw

  display: none

Hot Module Replacement

For tagged literals HMR supported out of the box. But for separate styles you need to use postjss hot-loader with webpack: Notice, that you need to set this loader after babel-loader.

use: [


You can use stylelint for linting and postcss-reporter for warnings and errors. So with PostJSS it works like a charm:

For CSS files:


For tagged literals:


Rebuild optimization

Let's say you use some tool for linting. But if you set throwError: true for postjss, it will cause a babel transpilling error, so babel will have to build other files next time, not only fixed.

You can set throwError: false for dev building to avoid this, and use postjss report-loader for webpack (set this loader before babel-loader:

use: [

This will break webpack compiling if there are some errors in PostJSS, but not babel transpiling. And then babel needs to rebuild only fixed file.


You can use this module in runtime without babel-plugin.

  • it works just on node.js
  • you can use async and sync versions, so async is more preferable, because sync is blocking your process
  • and it may cause some performance issues

So I recommend this usage only for tests and first steps :)

Sync version:

import postjss from 'postjss'

    color: red

// output: { app: { color: 'red' } }

Async version:

import postjssAsync from 'postjss/runtime/async'

;(async () => {
  const postjss = await postjssAsync

  console.log(await postjss`
      color: red

  // output: { app: { color: 'red' } }

You may also be interested in this project for runtime usage: jss-from-postcss

Full Example


@import 'vars.sss'
@import 'mixins.sss'

$color: 'green'

  --color: $color

  prop: /$^prop || 'test'/
  selector: ''

  position: absolute
  top: 0
  left: 0

  display: /({ name }) => name + 1 + $color-from-import/
  overflow-y: auto
  flex-direction: column

  width: 100vw
  height: 100vh

  color: var(--color)
  background-color: /$^value || $color/

  $^prop: 100vw

  display: none

  @mixin container

  padding: 20px

  border-bottom: 1px solid #eee


const style = function (izezix) {
  izezix = Object.assign({
    "prop": izezix.prop || 'test',
    "selector": "''"
  }, izezix);
  return {
    "app": {
      "position": "absolute",
      "top": "0",
      "left": "0",
      "display": function ({
      }) {
        return name + 1 + 'black';
      "overflowY": "auto",
      "flexDirection": "column",
      "width": "100vw",
      "height": "100vh",
      "color": "green",
      "backgroundColor": izezix.value || 'green',
      [izezix.prop]: "100vw"
    [izezix.selector]: {
      "display": "none"
    "content": {
      "position": "absolute",
      "margin": "0 auto",
      "&::before": {
        "content": "''"
      "padding": "20px"
    "header": {
      "borderBottom": "1px solid #eee"


  • JSS - Great lib for CSS in JS
  • PostCSS - Awesome tool for customizable style transform



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