A TensorFlow implementation for "Recurrent Attention Network on Memory for Aspect Sentiment Analysis"
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Absa Pytorch1,782
3 months ago91mitPython
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis, PyTorch Implementations. 基于方面的情感分析,使用PyTorch实现。
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis413
9 months ago8August 01, 202133apache-2.0Python
💭 Aspect-Based-Sentiment-Analysis: Transformer & Explainable ML (TensorFlow)
Td Lstm252
6 years agoPython
Attention-based Aspect-term Sentiment Analysis implemented by tensorflow.
Nlp Papers248
3 years ago
Papers I have read, mainly about NLP. Welcome everyone to supplement in issue.
Doc Han Att193
6 years ago5Jupyter Notebook
Hierarchical Attention Networks for Chinese Sentiment Classification
Datastories Semeval2017 Task4171
5 years ago8mitPython
Deep-learning model presented in "DataStories at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Deep LSTM with Attention for Message-level and Topic-based Sentiment Analysis".
Sa Papers108
5 years ago
📄 Deep Learning 中 Sentiment Analysis 論文統整與分析 😀😡☹️😭🙄🤢
4 years ago3Python
Keras Implementation of Aspect based Sentiment Analysis
Hierarchical Sentiment96
4 years ago1mitPython
Hierarchical Models for Sentiment Analysis in Pytorch
4 years ago4mitPython
A TensorFlow implementation for "Interactive Attention Networks for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification"
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A Tensorflow implementation for "Recurrent Attention Network on Memory for Aspect Sentiment Analysis" (Peng Chen, EMNLP 2017)

Quick Start

  • Create three empty folders: 'analysis' for saving analyzing results, 'logs' for saving experiment logs and 'models' for saving experiment models
  • Download the 300-dimensional pre-trained word vectors from Glove and save it in the 'data' folder as 'data/glove.840B.300d.txt'

Source Code Tree

|--- data

|	|--- restaurant

|--- main.py

|--- model.py

|--- utils.py

|--- README.md


Dataset Accuracy
Laptop 74.138
Restaurant 80.000
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