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This project is a fork of

It has been Mavenized, and support for .eml to .msg has been added.


In order to build this project, make sure to have Maven and JDK 11+ installed, then clone the project sources:

git clone

cd to the sources directory:

cd MsgViewer

At last, run the Maven build:

mvn package

The build will generate a number of files. The main file is a 'uber-jar' placed under MSGViewer/target directory.

You can now run the project with:

cd MSGViewer/target
java -jar msgviewer.jar


You can run the application's Graphic User Interface by calling :

java -jar msgviewer.jar

Command Line

The application may also be used on the command line. Just type :

java -jar msgviewer.jar -h

to display command line help.

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