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A curated list of cheat sheets you need it for your frontend development.



Title Author Download
HTML5 Tag cheat sheet
HTML5 Tag Cheat Sheet PDF, PNG
HTML5 Canvas cheat sheet by Nihilogic
HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet PDF
HTML Canvas cheat sheet
HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet PDF, PNG
HTML5 Element Flowchart
HTML5 Element Flowchart HTML5 Doctor PDF
HTML5 Security cheat sheet
HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet owasp PNG

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Title Author Download
CSS2 Cheat Sheet
CSS2 Cheat Sheet Woorkup PDF
CSS3 Cheat Sheet
CSS3 Cheat Sheet Smashing Magazine PDF
WebKit CSS3 Cheat Sheet
WebKit CSS3 Cheat Sheet Sencha PDF
CSS Quick Reference
CSS Quick Reference Explain That PDF
FontAwesome Quick Refrence
FontAwesome Quick Refrence Bootstrap Cheatsheet PDF, PNG

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Title Author Download
ES6 Cheat Sheet
ES6 Cheat Sheet Toptal PDF
JavaScript Cheat Sheet
Javascript Cheat Sheet Dave Child PDF
JavaScript Quick Reference
JavaScript Quick Reference Explain That PDF
ReactJS CheatSheet
ReactJS CheatSheet DevHints.IO PDF, PNG

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Title Author Download
jQuery 1.7 Cheat Sheet
jQuery 1.7 Cheat Sheet Woorkup PDF
jQuery Cheat Sheet by Website Setup
jQuery Cheat Sheet by Website Setup Website Setup PNG, PDF

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Version Control

Title Author Download
Git Cheatsheet
Git Cheatsheet Tower PDF

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Task Runner

Title Author Download
Gulp Work Flow Sheet
Gulp Cheat Sheet Opensource Cafe PDF 1, PDF 2

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Title Author Download
Accessibility Cheatsheet
Accessibility Cheatsheet PDF

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